SIGNS to be guided out of the current mess of self-serving, hypocritical, old world beliefs that are proven to be unable to solve 21st century issues. We should all be open to being part of an enlightenment of what truly can work for the future. A complete and thorough immersion in the contents of this manuscript will provide answers that can veritably free people from extremes that has been antagonizing them.

Russian : Mу́дрый -Mudriy - [from Sansskrit Mudra means "sign"] wise

  “Thus have we sent down manifest SIGNS; for, verily, God guides whom he will.”   The Qur’an

Semiotics - [fr. Greek semeiotikos observant of signs, fr. semeiousthai to interpret signs,
                                fr. semeion sign; akin to Gk sema sign – more at SEMANTIC]

English:  SIGN - [early 13c., "gesture or motion of the hand," from Old French signe "sign, mark, signature,"
from Latin signum "mark, token, indication, symbol,"
from PIE root *sekw- "point out" (see see).]

English:  See - [from PIE root *sekw- "to see," which is "probably" the same base that produced words for
"say" in Greek and Latin and also words for "follow" (cf Latin sequor),
thus see could originally mean "follow with the eyes." Used in Middle English 
to mean "behold in the imagination or in a dream" (c.1200), "to recognize
the force of (a demonstration)," also c.1200, "often with ref. to metaphorical
light or eyes" [OED], and "to learn by reading" (early 15c.).]

English:  Semantic - [fr. Greek semantikos significant, important, fr. semainein to signify, mean, fr. sema
                               sign, akin to Skt dhyati he thinks] 1: of or relating to meaning in language

 Etymology - [fr. Greek etymología, equiv. to etymológ 'studying the true meanings
                                        and values of words, fr. étymo 'true' + lógos 'word', 'reason' + -ia]
1: the derivation of a word  
2: an account of the history of a particular word or element of a word 
3: the study of historical linguistic change, esp. as manifested in individual words


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Europe -
(Ευρώπη): Greek name composed of the elements euro "wide" and 
 "face, a sight, a view," hence "wide-faced."
In mythology, this is the name of the mother of Minos and the name from which the continent of Europe was derived.

Chapters ~ Symbols
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 (1) Woods Boys I   ~  the bush, wilderness, woods, ancient, old, oak, forest, thickets, brush
 (2) Woods Boys II  ~  the bush, wilderness, woods, oak, forest, thickets, brush
 (3) Woods Boys III  ~  wilderness, woods, forest, thickets, brush, wild, savage, barbarous
 (4) Thorns of the Bush  thorns, thistles, fists, scratches, cracks, bushes
 (5) Bears of the Woods   bears, cubs
 (6) Lions Against Islam  ~ lions, tigers, panthers, cats
 (7) Bestial Behaviors I  ~  beasts, deer, harts, does/roes, bucks
 (8) Bestial Behaviors II ~   bucks, goats
 (9) Drunken Times I  ~  wine, tavern, casks, vats, barrels, ivy, alcohol
(10) Drunken Times II  ~  wine, alcohol, mead, honey, perry, sherry
(11) Drunken Times III  ~  wine, alcohol, arrogance, bragging, mirth, play, song
(12) Drunken Times IV  ~   alcohol, tavern, beer, whiskey, sour, acid, butter, butterflies
(13) Roving  ~  pirates, thieves, greed, swifts     
(14) Preying  ~  claws, talons, nails, birds of prey, vultures, griffons, eagles
(15) Grabs the Heel  ~  claws, heels, Jacob, Israel, jack, cheat, heaps, deceive, sell
(16) Fierce Driving Freedom Hype  ~  fierce, driving/spinning wheels, shopping, nascar, gas, chaos, automobiles, self, freedom, vacation
(17) American Dreams  ~ dreams, lies, gambling, moon, sell, self, walls
(18) American Royals ~  kings, princes and princesses, dukes, crowns, jewels, silk, luxury, purple, lords
(19) American Royals II  ~  kings, princes and princesses, dukes, crowns, jewels, silk, luxury, purple, towers, high, lords
(20) Mad Money I  ~  screaming, quealing, crying, cattle, calves, bulls, swell, blow, wealth, meadow, hay
(21) Mad Money II  ~   leeches, gold, jewelry, pearls, diamonds, treasure, play, gambling
(22) Trump’s Reality  ~  trumpets, some reality television, frighten 
(23) Foxes  ~   foxes, deceivers, lies, trickery, devils, weasels, skunks, cowards, tails
(24) Corporate Pigs & Other Swine  ~  boars, pigs, hogs, squealing
(25) American Guns  ~  guns, devils, two
(26) Stony  ~  guns, stones
(27) Shifting Sands  ~  sand, pebbles, gravel, sugar
(28) Battering Cocks  ~  cocks, chickens, rams, cudgel, beating, battle
(29) Ugly Concealments  ~   hoods, ugliness, hiding, masks, concealing, fear, mouses, hell, monsters
(30) Live by the Sword  ~  swords
(31) Greedy Spears I  ~  spears
(32) Greedy Spears II  ~  spears, ash, linden
(33) Greedy Spears III  ~  spears, yew
(34) Greedy Spears IV ~ spears, pikes, pricks, points, shafts, throwing
(35) Bolts and Arrows  ~  crossbow, arrows, darts
(36) Hawk's Havoc  ~  hawks/falcons
(37) Sheehan vs. Rough Noise  ~  noise, rough, spiral circles, screams, cry, clash, crash, crazy, smack, hit, rumor, loud, thunder, storms
(38) Confused Warriors I  ~  bombs, explosions, noise, war
(39) Confused Warriors II  ~ pagan gods of war
(40) Confused Warriors III  ~ war, battle, fights, conquering
(41) Hasty Hunting I  ~  one eyed, hunts, haste, chases, rushes
(42) Hasty Hunting II  ~  one eyed, hunts, chases, rushes, spiders, orange, horsemen, hounds, bell
(43) Wolves   wolves, devils
(44) Butchers  ~ butchers, cutting, tanning, whipping, skinning, birching, hewing, hashing, cleaving, hacking, knives, scorpions
45) Crawford & Other Crows  ~  crows, ravens, rooks, jackdaws, magpies
(46) Black Burning Gloom I  ~  black, darkness, death
(47) Black Burning Gloom II  ~  black, burning, darkness, coal
(48) Black Burning Gloom III  ~  blind, willow, drops, melancholy, weakness, anger, sour, acid, bitter, owls, eclipse
(49) Black Burning Gloom IV  ~  darkness, grey, dust, brown, shit, feces
(50) In a Hole I  ~  hollows, holes, pits, valleys, dales, dells, caves, dens, ravines, ditches, graves
(51) In a Hole II  ~  hollows, holes, valleys, dales, dells, caves, dens, ravines, south, falls, ditches
(52) Quagmires ~  mud, swamps, marshes, bogs, fens, brooks, creeks, reeds, moss, dirt, ditches
(53) Quagmires II ~  mud, swamps, marshes, bogs, fens, brooks, creeks, reeds, moss, dirt, ditches
(54) Quagmires III  ~  mud, clay, swamps, marshes, bogs, brooks, creeks, reeds, moss, dirt, ditches, slatterns
(55) Quagmires IV  ~  mud, swamps, marshes, bogs, fens, brooks, creeks, reeds, moss, dirt, ditches, badgers
6) Quagmires V  ~  mud, swamps, marshes, bogs, fens, brooks, creeks, reeds, floods, pools, puddles, dirt, ditches
7) Quagmires VI  ~  mud, swamps, marshes, bogs, fens, brooks, creeks, reeds, moss, dirt, ditches, straights
(58) Heathens  ~  heaths, pagans, wasteland, moors, grouses
(59) Abu Ghraib & Western Strangers  ~  west, strangers, foreigners
(60) American Prisons  ~  shackles, chains, fettered, slaves, pain, prison, kill
1) Fat Man & Little Boy  ~  fat, swell, blow, puff, cooking/baking, dough, boy
(62) Harry Lays Waste  ~   army rule, lay waste

(63Crooked Leanings I  ~  crooked, hooks, spins, circles, lame, limps, reptiles, snakes, dragons, worms, one-eyed
4) Crooked Leanings II  ~  crooked, wind, reel, wandering, turns, spins, torture, twist, slant, bias, spiral, bends, curves, curl, kink, queer, horns, humps
5) Snow Jobs & Other Frost I  ~  snow, frost, ice, cold, dry, thin, narrow, death, white
) Snow Jobs & Other Frost II  ~ death, ghost, white, bones, winter, Fog, mist

(67) Stupid Delays I  ~  clumsy, stupid, blunt, dull, slow, delay, doll, drag, foolish, boobs, simpletons, lump, tarts, soft, idiots, lazy, stump, stubborn, sheep, hares/bunnies
(68) Stupid Delays II  ~  fudge, dim, stubborn, limp, sleepy, lazy, crazy, nuts, frogs, toads, snacks, gossip, cheese, cabbage, naked, spoons, hay, straw, donkeys, turkey, crickets
(69) Stupid Delays III  ~  churls, clowns, shrew, rustic, dummy, thumbs, buffoon, beans, hoot, goose, duck, birds, chat, goosip, twits, chicks, cuckoos, boobs, tits, calf, fey, numb, clumsy, fool, tripping, empty

(70) Hairy Delays  ~  hairy, beards, wool, sheep, snub nosed, lowbrows, monkeys, Flies, insects, bugs
Childish Delays ~  youth, pimps, child, colts, baby, infants, little, short, small, fairies, elves
(72) America in the Red I  ~  red, scarlet, ruddy, rust, reddish brown
(73) America in the Red II  ~  red, scarlet, ruddy, rust, reddish brown
(74) Two I   2, duplicities, dualisms, duels, pointer fingers, conflicts, demons, break, divide, parties, extremes
(75) Two II    double, twins

) Other Antagonists -- More PeopleOrgamizations who need to be called out for their beliefs

Some Resolutions - taking action on the Signs of Our Times
7) Three ---  3, Trinity, Roofs, Houses
(78) Blue Yellow and Green ---  Blue, Yellow, Green
(79) Four & Five ------  Hand and Foot, Toes and Fingers, Flowers, Comedy
 Yoga, Swimming, Biking, Running, Exercise ------ Flexibility, Heart, Joining, Language, Fluency, Water, Commitment
(81) Peace Train of Thought ------  Trains, Trams, Mass Transit, Iron
) Messages ------ Trends, Messages, Messengers
(83) The Man ------ Motherhood, Masculinity, Thinking, Mind, Giving, Hands
(84) Yellow Sunlight ------- Eyes, Seeing, The Yellow Party of Light

Temporary Conclusions

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