Symbols Around Donald Trump

Found within Chapters 22, 23 - Trump's Reality, Foxes

   Donald Trumptop Republican presidential candidate for 2016, President and Chairman of the Trump Organization. Trump, the owner of the gambling den vulgarly called The Taj Mahal (see American Royals), has been a major symbol/figurehead within American gambling (see Mad Money) and casino (see Drunken Times) culture being the top brand name in Atlantic City, America's second largest gambling den after Vegas. He now has a twin (see Two) tower (see American Royals) in Las Vegas (see Mad Money). He is also the creator and host of the hit reality TV show “The Apprentice”, where he tried to patent the phrase “your fired”. The Apprentice and Trump became an obvious symbol of cut-throat corporate dominated mentalities of recent times. Trump has also been a top spokesman for the effort to rebuild the Twin Towers (see Two) “exactly as they were but a story taller”. He now has his name on a vodka (see Drunken Times) and steaks (see Butchers). Mr. Trump is known to be media savvy, having utilized the media like no other businessman. A regular on the moronic morning show FOX and Friends, I find it amazing how much he looks like a fox (see Foxes). The Apprentice is one of the most significant symbols of the recent U.S. zeitgeist. In a post 2010 election interview with Greta Van Susteren, he voiced the opinion that an economic stimulus is "highways (see Fierce Driving Hype) ...etc"... as well as saying in the same interview "there is so much oil now". He thinks the USA "holds all the cards" with OPEC, saying that "they do not have countries without us". Trump was endorsed by NASCAR in 2016. Trump has said "I am not a big fan of windmills". He thought after the Iraq War that America should get a significant portion of the country's oil. He said the same ugly American oil gluttonous opinion during the 2011 revolution in Libya, saying “So what do we get out of it, and why won’t we take over the oil? Why aren’t we reimbursing? You know in the old days, when you win a war, you kept to the victor, belongs the spoils." He has opportunistically alligned his presidential aspirations with the idiocy of the Birthers, going so far as sending a team to investigate Obama's youth in Hawaii only later to be totally humiliated. And he had the gall to point the finger at President Obama and say that he was not qualified to be in an Ivy League college as well as president. The way Trump spins his opinions and answers with simplistic go for the jugular language is obvious to the average person. This egomaniacal clown advised Romney to own his scandalous remarks at a fund raising gathering of fellow hedge fund hogs where Romney showed his true colors by saying 47% of Americans "believe they are victims" and that "they think they are entitled to food, housing and healthcare", and "I cant make them take responsibility for their lives".. etc.. Trump fanatically opposes gun control, but supports the ban on assault weapons and supports a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun. He does believe in Universal healthcare but not Obamacare. After Hurricane Sandy (see Shifting Sands) tore apart the tri-state area, this roaring asshole was on CNBC saying "I'm not a believer in climate change". The Donald did have some goods in the beginnings of the 2016 presidential run where he rightfully brought more attention to the issue of illegal immigration but to this day cannot detail how deportations would commence, let alone talking about how the Americas in general could redefine the issue away from putting up walls. Overall, Trump is a scary foreboding type of candidate in my opinion because he represents an old world GNP/GDP Trickledown Economic (see Black Burning Gloom) view and vision of human happiness. He has done little to address Wall Street reform and the proper allocation of resources and captial to real people. Some people do not want gold plated bathrooms, gambling, and other types of excess (see American Royals). Most want to live in ways that reduce stress. In a world where there are so many means to provide basic needs, we need a presidential candidate who can stand for the de-emphasis of money as opposed to the angst and fears associted with lifestyles dependent upon the insane need to always be selling something in order to survive. Any good candidate would start with what makes for certain cities to be ranked atop others in regards to quality of life - modern mass train transit (see Peace Train of Thought). Trump to his credit in Aug. of 2015 during the campaign to say middle class is getting the shaft and that the richer should be paying more in taxes. But this yet another rich American out-of-touch with reality egomaniac is against raising the minimum wage saying "people need to work hard and get into the upper stratsphere." He actually said this at a debate. Stratosphere!!! Pathetic. Hey blowhard - Stratosphere - the upper atmosphere extending upward from the tropopause to about 30 miles (50 km) above the earth . Get real! Not a feet on the ground kinda guy. He likes to mention he went to an Ivy League school (see Drunken Times) and has good genes yet is the most prolific user of the nitwit all thumbs Twitter (see Stupid Delays) that show how simple his mind is. AND this fool has no problem with the growing gender confusion/transsexual madness. "Trump" is a big time trumpeter of being aggressive in the Middle East saying "the first step is to bomb the oil fields of ISIS". BLOW UP things! BLAST away. At the end of 2015, Trump stated (and journalists have noted) that "every time there is a crisis my poll numbers go up."  WARNING AMERICA! Trump often refers to himself in the 3rd person "Trump". Often when he speaks he will conclude his spin with a generalization because he has no substance. His allusion to American gun nuts using guns to control the Supreme Court truly shows a despicable little boy - Speaking at a rally in August, Trump warned supporters that they’ll have few options if Clinton is elected and appoints justices to the Supreme Court. “If she gets to pick her judges ― nothing you can do, folks,” Trump said. “Although, the Second Amendment (see Two) people. Maybe there is. I don’t know.” YES you do not know you pathetically evil piece of shit! Trump's obvious symbols are found throughout this manuscript's chapters like no other person in America. WAKE UP AMERICA AND SEE THE FOLLWOING WRITINGS AND HOW TRUMP SYMBOLS VIOLATE BIBLICAL TEACHINGS AND PRINCIPLES. A huuuuge symbol for the times, sadly within America there has been a little bit of Trump in everyone.THERE IS PERHAPS ONE STRONG REASON FOR THE EXISTENCE OF DONALD TRUIMP IN CRAZY AMERICA - THE WORST ISSUES BY FAR THT PEOPLE EXPERINCE EVERY DAY ARE THE GENDER CONFUSIONS AND GENDER WARS WITH TRUMP BEARING AN INSANE AMOUNT OF BLOWBLACK FROM THE NASTY WOMEN MOVEMENT. PERHAPS THE TRUMPET OF GOD IS ANECESSARY INSTILLING OF MORE CHRISTIAN COMMON SENSE GENDER REALIST INFLUENCES TO COMBAT THE CORRUPT WANDERING JEWISH FEMINIST AND LGBTQ AGENDA. IF THIS IS SO, TRUMP MUST SHOW EVEN MORE BALLS AND START TO IDENTIFY THE FOMENTERS AND PERPETUATORS OF THESE GENDER CONFUSIONS AND GENDER WARS THAT ARE GETTING IN THE WAY OF A WELL BALANCED SOCIETY - SOMETHING AMERICA IS OBVIOUS NOT.8 OUT OF 10 AMERICANS ARE OUT OF BALANCE IN SOME WAY GIVEN THEIR CORE BELIEFS.
Trump is a metonymic occupational name for ‘a trumpeter’, from Middle English trumpe – ‘trumpet’. Another lesser possibility I read is the Old Swedish trumpe meaning ‘surly’.

English:  Trumpet – [M.E. trompette,fr. M.Fr., fr. O.Fr. trompe trump]   3b(2): a penetrating cry
(see Sheehan v. Rough Noise)
              1Trump [Middle English trompe from Old French] – trumpe
              2Trump – 1: a card of a suit of any of whose cards will win over a card that  
                              is not a trump  2: an influential factor or final resource 
              3Trump – (v) [fr. M.E. trumpen deceive, cheat; fr. Fr. tromper deceive]  1: to play a trump
                               on (a card or trick) when another suit was led  2: to get the better of, outdo
               Trumpery - [fr. M.E. tromperie deceit, fr. M.Fr. tromper to deceive]  1a: trivial or useless  
                                articles, worthless nonsense, showy worthless thing  2: tawdry finery
              Trumped up - fraudulently concocted, spurious
              Trump up - to concoct especially with the intent to deceive
(see Foxes),
                           from the French tromper – to deceive, and se tromper – to make a mistake, be mistaken

British Slang:  Trump – a breaking of wind, fart, to pass gas, a gurk (late 1700s)

English:  Brag – a word for a bray of a trumpet,
                          which is related to the following idiom:
English idiom:  To blow ones trumpet – to brag, boast
(see Drunken Times)

English:  Blow-hard – BRAGGART
(see Drunken Times)

French idiom:  Sans tambour ni trompette – (literally without drum nor trumpet)                                                                      without making any hype

“Don’t do your good deeds publicly, to be admired, for then you will lose the reward from your Father in heaven. When you give a gift to a beggar, don’t shout about it as the hypocrites do-blowing TRUMPETS in the synagogues and streets to call attention to their acts of charity!”  Matthew 6:1-4

Italian:  Strombazzare – to trumpet, shout from the roof tops, to puff
(see Fat Man & Little Boy), hype (see Drunken Times)
             Srombettata – toot, honk of an automobile
(see Fierce Driving Hype)
             Strombazzata – tooting, honking; puff, hype, ballyhoo
(see Fierce Driving Hype, Mad Money)
Italian:  Tromba – trumpet, auto horn, bugle
             Avere le trombe – (literally to have trumpets) to pout
             Tromba d’aria – (literally trumpet of the air) a whirlwind – a spiral windstorm
(see Crooked Leanings);
                                        a confused rush, whirl (see Crooked Leanings);; a destructive force or agency
Spanish slang:  Trombeta – (literally trumpet) drunk
(see Drunken Times)

Trump is one of the most visible names at the second largest casino (see Drunken Times) city - Atlantic city.
Trump has developed an equally striking casino in Las Vegas (see Mad Money).

The Arabic word for trumpet has interesting connotations.

Arabic:  بوق Buq – trumpet, fanfare, horn, megaphone; duplicity, betrayal

Scots:  Trump – to deceive, cheat [TRUMP IS SCOTTISH!]
            Trumper – a deceiver, term of contempt
            Trump – a Jew’s harp
            Trump – to go off in consequence of disgrace or necessity

“Sound the TRUMPET! Come to the joyous celebrations at full moon
(see American Dreams)…”  Psalms 81:3

The shrill braying of a TRUMPET was used in Roman times to start battle by sounding the charge.  It was also used to proclaim a solemn ceremony, sounded during sacrifices, public games, and funerals.

Anglicized Gaelic:  Trombair – trumpeter
                              Trombaireachd – harping, carping

Gaelic:  Dùdach – trumpet, bugle, war horn (see Confused Warriors)

“…he blew a TRUMPET as a call to arms…”   Judges 3:26
“Fiercely he paws the ground and rushes forward into battle when the TRUMPET blows.” Job 39: 24
“…the blast of the enemies TRUMPETS and enemies battle cries…how long must I see war …  Jeremiah 10:19-21
“ … tumult as the warriors shout and the TRUMPETS blare.”   Amos 2:2
“…an awesome TRUMPET blast, and a voice with a message so terrible…”  Hebrews 12:18
The more benign use of TRUMPETS were use to signal a break up of a camp and travel, where “only the priests were permitted to blow the trumpets. This is a permanent instruction to be followed from generation to generation.”   Numbers 10:8

English:  Tantara – 1a: trumpet or horn fanfare  b: a sound resembling such fanfare 
                              2: a hunting cry
(see Hasty Hunting, Sheehan v. Rough Noise)

Bazooka is a word/nickname for any man-portable rocket launcher, the common name for a man-portable recoilless rocket antitank weapon, widely fielded by the U.S. Army. It was amongst the first-generation of rocket propelled anti-tank weapons used in infantry combat. The term "bazooka" continues to be used informally as a genericized term to refer to any shoulder-fired missile weapon.
The word bazooka come from a junkyard musical instrument used as a comedic prop, from the slang word bazoo ‘mouth’
(see In a Hole), also ‘boastful talk’ (see
Drunken Times), but ultimately from the Dutch bazuin meaning ‘trumpet’.

English:  Blast - 2: the blowing of a trumpet, whistle, etc  3: a loud, sudden sound or noise
                         7: Slang. a party or riotous time   8: a vigorous outburst of criticism; attack
                         11: the act of exploding; explosion  12: any pernicious or destructive influence, esp.
                         on animals or plants; a blight  13: the sudden death of buds, flowers, or young fruit
                         25: to shoot, to shoot a firearm  26: Slang. to take narcotics
(see Stupid Delays)

                                          The 7 TRUMPETS of the Book of Revelation
Trumpet 1- Hail and fire will be thrown to the earth. Fires will be ignited all around the world and 1/3 of the trees and forests will be burned up. All the green fields, crops and grass will be burned up. This devastation may be caused by meteors that rain down on earth. Volcanoes may begin erupting.

Trumpet 2 - Something like a great mountain burning with fire is thrown into the sea. 1/3 of the sea will become like blood and 1/3 of the creatures in the sea will die. 1/3 of the ships on the sea will be destroyed. This will include cruise ships, freight ships, fishing boats and pleasure boats. This great mountain may be an asteroid that bursts into flame as it plummets through the earth’s atmosphere. It then plunges into the ocean at the speed of 50,000 miles per hour.

Trumpet 3 - A giant star drops from the sky, blazing like a torch. It falls on 1/3 of the rivers and on the springs of water. 1/3 of the fresh water on earth becomes bitter. Many people drink the poisoned water and die. This giant star may be another asteroid.

Trumpet 4 - 1/3 of the sun, moon and stars are darkened. Both the day and the night are affected. The smoke and ejecta from the first three trumpets will darken the air and the sky.

Trumpet 5 - First woe
Satan and his millions of demons will appear visibly on earth. Satan will appear to be Jesus. Most of his millions of demons will appear to be angels from heaven. Others will appear as people who have died and supposedly gone to heaven. Satan (appearing as Jesus) will claim that he sent the earthquake and the calamities of the first four trumpets so that people will repent and worship him. For five months he and his demons will inflict pain on people who refuse to worship him. He will offer to remove the pain if they will consent to worship him. He is not allowed to hurt those who have the seal of God on their foreheads.

Trumpet 6 - Second woe
Satan and his demons will combine forces with an army of 200,000,000 people. Together they will kill 1/3 of the people on earth. Billions of people will be slaughtered. This will be the last opportunity for Satan to convince people to worship him and he will stop at nothing to achieve his objective.

Trumpet 7 - Third woe
There is a second worldwide earthquake. It is accompanied by noises, thunder and lightning. There is also a great hailstorm. The kingdom of this world is given to Jesus and He will reign as King of kings forever. The door of mercy in heaven is shut. Human probation ends. People can no longer be converted to Jesus and choose to serve Him. Every person will continue to worship the master he has chosen, either Jesus or Satan.

Found within Chapters 15, 20-21 - Grabs the Heel, Mad Money

  Donald Trump as symbol of selling/salesman - a guy truly symbolic of his sick culture, Trump comes across as a used car sales man. He all too often talks about ratings and views someone's credibility by their ratings. Ater elected to the presidency, he still took to Twitter (see Stupid Delays) to comment about his replacement's rating at his hit show The Apprentice. Whenever he talks about others, for example his cabinet picks, he describes them in ways that are about success in business/monetary ways. He constantly tooted his own horn unlike anyone in political history during the 2016 campaign always spinning how he "started a great company" even
exaggerating his finances, only later never to disclose them. His tweets show someone easily agitated by any reference to his popularity. Many times he would talk about his ratings within the political system compared to other businesses. And so it should be no surprise that he thinks he can get everyone some kind of special job in the "upper stratasphere" without talking about the Trends of the Times (see Introduction). He often seems to wing it while giving speaches. Whenever he comes to a point where he is struggling to come up with some more needed words/substance, he instinctually goes into salesman mode making extremist and superlative phrases like "best" this ..., "I am the most" this ..., "I am the least" this ..., etc... The sad fact about American culture for decades now is that in order to survive, one must be either selling or part of the few organizations that sell something. Too many American people stay stuck in a place in life without experiencing other places/modes of being because they either believe in or are enslaved to the insane paying of inordinent costs of living. Most Americans size each other up according to how much money they have. American women/bitches (see Bestial Behaviors) are the worst culprits of this disgusting behavior. Within the most materialistic and divided county in the world (yes they are related), no matter if you support/like Trump or not, there is a little Trump in nearly everyone. WAKE UP AMERICA! Your beliefs are not sustainable for all .When one sells their is always another who is sold out.
English:  1Sell – 1: to deliver or give up in violation of duty, trust, or loyalty: BETRAY –
                         often used with out, sell out  2: to give up property to another for money for
                         money or another valuable consideration, to offer for sale  b: to give up in
                         return for something else esp. foolishly or dishonorably <sold his birthright for
                         a mess of pottage>  c: to exact a price for <sold their lives dearly>  3a: to
                         deliver into slavery for money  b: to give in to the power of another <sold his
                         soul to the devil>  c: to deliver personal services for money  4: to dispose of or
                         manage for profit instead of in accordance with conscience, justice, or duty
                       <sold his vote>  5a: to develop a belief in the truth, value, or desirability of: gain
                         acceptance for <a campaign manager trying to sell his candidate>  b: to
                         persuade or influence to a course of action or to the acceptance of
                         something<sell children on reading>  6: to impose on : CHEAT <realize that
                         he had been sold  7a: to cause or promote the sale of <advertising sales
                         newspapers> b: to make or attempt to make sales to c: to influence or induce to
                         make a purchase  8: achieve a sale of <sold a million copies>
         2Sell – a deliberate deception
(see Foxes): HOAX  2: the act or an instance of selling
         4Sell – chiefly Scot variation of SELF.

Found within Chapters 72-73 - America in the Red

  The consistently Ruddy Complexion and Red Hair of Republican Red State 2016 presidential candidate frontrunner Donald Trump (see Trump's Reality, Foxes). Trump is known for his real estate (see American Roylas) career, but he is also known for his garish use of gold (see Mad Money) i.e his Trump Towers in NYC, his golden twin (see Two) towers (see American Royals) in Las Vegas (see Mad Money), his Trump vodka (see Drunken Times), his Trump steaks (see Butchers), the red signs/logo (see America in the Red) of his Taj Mahal (see American Royals)
gambling (see Drunkern Times, American Dreams, Mad Money) dens, the lion (see Lions Against Islam) logo of Trump University, Trump's insane proposed wall (see American Dreams)
along the the U.S.-Mexican border, his wife's name Melania meaning 'dark' (see Black Burning Gloom), his red hat (see America in the Red) "Make America Great Again", his Twitter tweets (see Stupid Delays) like no other candidate in history, his fox-like hair and appearance (see Foxes), ... So many obvious and clear signs with this blow hard Trump. Wake up America!!!.
English idiom:  Red-faced liar – an outright liar, a blatant liar

English:  Scarlet - n. 1: a bright-red color inclining toward orange  2: cloth or clothing of this color
                           adj. 3: of the color scarlet  4: sinful or immoral, esp unchast flagrantly offensive:
                           Their sins were scarlet

English:  Ruddy – red or reddish
British:  Ruddy - used as an intensive < a ruddy lie >, bloody, damned
British slang:  Ruddy - damned
Scots:  Ruddy – ruddiness           
           Ruddy - to make a loud, reiterated noise, to rumble (see Confused Warriors, Sheehan v. Rough Noise)
           Rudder - wreck, ruin, smash

Scots:  Keel – (v) to mark with ruddle, to mark a person or thing as an expression of
                    dissatisfaction, contempt, or jealousy;  (n) a large, clumsy person, animal, or thing
            Keelie – reddish, colored by ruddle; a pickpocket
           Keel in – to come to an end

Artists have depicted Judas, the betrayer of Jesus as someone with RED HAIR and a RED BEARD, as well as RUDDY skin.When it comes to art and literature, the biblically-themed, at least, RED HAIR is often the mark of sin. Other corrupted RED HEADS includes Eve, after she was been seduced by Satan, Cain, after he offed his brother, and various harlots. In Ancient Egypt, RED HAIR was associated with the evil god Seth, known to the Greeks as Typhon aka the deadliest monster of Greek mythology. The disdain for RED HAIR in the Greco-Roman world is displayed in the RED-HEADEDNESS and red wigs designated for the figure of the slave in the comedies. Thor , the Scandinavian ‘god of thunder (see Sheehan v. Rough Noise) was a pagan god depicted with RED HAIR whose attributes were transferred to the Christian devil.

A French Proverb states: “Redheaded women are either violent or false, and usually are both.”

An old Latin proverb which stated: "Raro breves humiles vidi ruffosque fideles."
(Proud are the short, and untrustworthy the red haired.)

Russian tradition declares that red hair is both a sign of a fiery temper and craziness, and a proverb warns, "There was never a saint with red hair.

RED HEADS have been stereotyped throughout time for having a ‘fiery temper’.  In European culture, prior to the 20th century, RED HAIR was often seen as a stereotypically Jewish trait: during the Spanish Inquisition, all those with red hair were identified as Jewish. In Italy, RED HAIR was associated with Italian Jews, and Judas was traditionally depicted as RED HAIRED in Italian and Spanish art. Writers from Shakespeare to Dickens would identify Jewish characters by giving them RED HAIR. The sterotypee that RED HAIR is Jewish remains in parts of Eastern Europe and Russia. The term ang mo (Chinese: 红毛; pinyan: hóng máo; Peh-oe-ji: âng-mo͘) in Hokkien (Min Nan) Chinese means "RED HAIRED", and is used in Malaysia and Singapore to refer to English people. The epithet is sometimes rendered as ang mo kui (红毛鬼) meaning "RED HAIRED devil", similar to the Cantonese ("foreign devil"). Astrologers claim that the planet Mars (see Confused Warriors) also known as "the RED planet" is more likely to be rising above the eastern horizon (on or near the astrological Ascendant, which supposedly influences a person's appearance) at the time of the birth of a RED HAIRED person than for the population in general.

Ojáncanu is a one-eyed giant
(see Crooked Leanings) giant with long beard and RED HAIR of Cantabrian mythology who embodies evil, cruelty and brutality.

English:  Red head – a person with red hair; an American duck…

English:  Rust – [M.E., fr. O.E. rust; akin to O.E. read red – more at RED]  1: a reddish orange brittle…
                           2: corrosive or injurious influence or effect

 1Rusty - [O.E. rustig, from rust (see rust). Cf. Fris. roastich, M.Du. roestich, O.H.G. rostag, Ger. rostig. "In the 16th
                         and 17th centuries frequently used as a term of general disparagement" [OED]. Of skills, accomplishments,
                         etc., first attested 1796.]  1: covered with or affected by rust  2: consisting of or produced by rust  3: of or
                         tending toward the color rust; rust-colored  4: faded or shabby; impaired by time or wear, as clothes or
                         draper; hoary
(see Snow Jobs & Other Frost, Black Burning Gloom)  5: impaired through disuse or neglect;
                         discolored by age; out of practice; impaired in skill or knowledge by inaction or neglect  6: old-fashioned in
                         appearance; seemingly antiquated  7: having lost agility or alertness; out of practice: I am a bit rusty at tennis
                         8: (of a sound) grating or harsh  9: (of the voice) tending to croak  10: (of plants) affected by the rust fungus  
             2Rusty - 1: restive; stubborn (see Stupid Delays): a rusty horse  
                           2: Chiefly Dialect . ill-tempered (see Black Burning Gloom); cross

Scots:  Red-etin – name of a monster; a savage, barbarous person (see Woods Boys)
            Red-headit – hot tempered
            Red-mad – raging mad; furious

French:  Rousse, roux – red person, red haired

             Ca sent le roussi – something is burning, trouble is brewing
(see Drunken Times)

Found within Chapter 23 - Foxes

    Donald Trump (see Trump's Reality), who was a longtime regular on the clique-like (see Rough Noise) morning show FOX and Friends (see Foxes), amazingly looks like a fox.

"And Samson went and caught three hundred FOXES, and took firebrands, and turned tail to tail, and put a firebrand in the midst between two tails."   Judges 15:4-6
English:  Firebrand – 2: person who kindles strife or unrest, agitator, troublemaker, fiery, child of tye, explosive

In many national traditions, the FOX is an animal symbolizing cunning and trickey. Its reddish coat (see America in the Red) is suggestive of fire (see Black Burning Gloom), which places it (like the lynx and squirrel) among the Devil’s followers. In ancient Rome it was a fire demon. In Norse myth the fox was the symbolic animal of the trickster Loki.

The following is how a top encyclopedia of symbol s defines the FOX:
Slyness; cunning; hypocrisy; craftiness; guile. Amerindian: Cunning; craftiness, trickery. Chinese: craftiness; powers of transformation; ghosts (see Snow Jobs & Other Frost) of dead souls. Christian: The Devil, the deceiver; cunning; guile; fraud. Feigning death to trap its prey it is the treachery and strategems of Satan. Spoiling the vines signifies the actions of heretics and enemies of the Church.

The FOX was a common symbol for the devil during the Middle Ages expressive of base attitudes and of the wiles of the adversary. In Christianity foxes symbolize the cunning of the Devil and are associated with heresy and trickery. In Chinese and Korean mythology fox spirits are known for their deception and cunning. In China and Japan they are worshipped as bringers of wealth, and thought to have power to transform themselves into women. In China it was thought that after 1000 years they turned into celestial foxes with nine tails, which could become manifest as dangerously attractive women. The Celts associated foxes with the Devil and the witches who could change into foxes. In Japanese culture they were also believed to be witch animals and commonly thought to be responsible for possessing people and causing mental illness.

The English word Shenanigan – a deceitful confidence trick or mischief,
is considered to be derived from the Irish expression “sionnachuighim” meaning “I play the fox”.


Within the Bible, experts debate whether the Fox and Jackal are strictly separated in the minds of the inhabitants of Palestine during antiquity. The fox is described as an opportunist that is difficult to catch and punish. The Jackal is constantly used to conjure images of ruin, desolation, and crying in the night. (within the Bible the jackal and fox are often used interchangeably).

In the Bible, foxes are illustrative of false prophets :
“O Israel these prophets of yours are as useless as FOXES for building your walls. O evil prophets… you have LIED…”   Ezekiel 13:4-14

When Jesus rebuked King Herod, the killer of John the Baptist, Jesus replied “go tell that FOX that I will keep on casting out demons and doing miracles of healing today and tomorrow, and the third day I will reach my destination.”   Luke 13:32
Here the term “fox” meant that Herod was a man of low cunning. He was insignificant when compared with someone of stature, greatness, and power.

"They shall fall by the sword
(see Live by the Sword) : they shall be a portion for FOXES."   Psalms 63:10

And Jesus saith unto him, The FOXES have holes
(see In a Hole)...   Matthew 8:20

Foxes are descriptive as enemies to the church!!!
"Take us the FOXES, the little FOXES, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes."   Song of Solomon 2:15

The Illustration of Edom in the book of Isaiah is a description of a place where doomed souls are sent.
“This judgment of Edom will never end. Its smoke will rise up forever…no one will live there no more. There the hawks and porcupines will live, and owls and ravens. For God will observe the land and find it worthy of destruction. He will test its nobles and find them worthy of death. It will be called the ‘land of nothing’…thorns will overrun palaces…and it will become the haunt of jackals (FOXES) … the wild animals of the desert will mingle there with wolves and hyenas. Their howls fill the night…night monsters will scream at each other…and the demons will come there to rest.” Edom means 'red'.
(see America in the Red).   Isaiah 34:5-15

The following is the exact defintion of “Fox” in the English dictionary:
English:  Fox - [O.E. fox from W. Gmc. fukhs, O.H.G. fuhs, O.N. foa, Goth. fauho, from P. Gmc.  
                      Base fuh, corresponding to PIE puk – ‘tail’ or Sanskrit puccha – tail] 
The bushy tail is also the source of the words for fox in Welsh, llwynog from llwyn – ‘bush’, Spanish raposa from rabo, and Lithuanian uodegis from uodega.
The name Todd means a fox but was also a nickname for a bush.
(see Woods Boys, Thorns of the Bush)
            1Fox – 1a: any of various alert carnivorous mammals (esp. genus vulpes)  2: a clever
                         crafty person  3: (archaic) SWORD
(see Live by the Sword)
            2Fox – 1a: to trick by ingenuity or cunning: OUTWIT  b: BAFFLE
                         2: (obsolete) INTOXICATE
  (see Drunken Times)
             Foxy – 1a: cunningly shrewd in conniving and contriving : warily guileful  2: defective
                          in some way (as from age or decay) and esp. so as to be discolored or spotted  :
                         FOXED  3: having a sharp brisk flavor <~ grapes> <~ wine>
(see Drunken Times) 
English slang:  Fox-drunk – intoxicated
                       Fox-head – homebrewed alcohol
                       Foxed – intoxicated with alcohol
(see Drunken Times)
                       “Crazy like a fox” – crafty while appearing dumb

Old English:  Foxhole – a soldier’s protective hole

English:  Vixen – [M.E. vixen, alter. of M.E. fixen, fr. O.E. fyxe, fem. of  fox]   1: a female fox    
                           2: a shrewish ill tempered or quarrrelsome womam, a shrew
(see Ugly Concealments).

The German associations with the fox are the following:
German:  Fuchs – fox
               Fuchsteufelwild – hopping (devil) mad
               Fuchtig/fuchsig – mad, furious (see Mad Money)
               Fuchsen – to annoy, vex
               Sich fuchsen – to be annoyed, vexed (see Black Burning Gloom)
               Die Fuchse guten Nacht – in the middle of nowhere

Here are some other linguistic examples of what the FOX is associated with:
French:  Renard – fox, cunning devil
              Renard de mer – thresher shark
(see Snow Jobs & Other Frost)
French Proverb:  Avec le renard, on renarde – with the fox, one deceives (tromperie)

Within the Arabic lexicon, foxes and wolves emanate from the same verb root.

هطل Hatala - to flow in torrents, fall heavily, pour down
هطل Hitl - wolf (see Wolves)
هيطل Haitl - fox

Latin Proverbs: 
  Ovem in fronte, vulpemin corde gerit – he acts like a sheep in his face but like a fox in his heart
                            Vulpes pilum mutat, non mores - The fox changes its hair, not its mind   

Portuguese slang:  Raposa – (literally a fox) a truant, also a bitchy woman (see Bestial Behaviors)
                            Raposa – (literally a fox) sneaky; to fail an exam, a thief (see Roving)
                            Raposiera – drunkenness (see Drunken Times), malicious
                            Raposar – tto not go to school, o play truant (see Woods Boys)  

Hebrew Proverb:  If the fox rules, you tilt (see Crooked Leanings) toward him.   The Talmud, Magillah

Irish Proverb:   The fox never found a better messenger than him/herself.

Found within Chapters 18-19, 72-73 - American Royals, America in the Red

    The fiery Red and Gold of Donald Trump's (see Trump's Reality, Foxes) once crown jewel gambling (see Drunken Times, Mad Money) den
The Taj Mahal
(see American Royals).
Taj Mahal is Persian for "Crown of Palaces".

German idioms:  Allem die Krone aufsetzen – (to put all on the crown) to take the cake
                            In die Krone steigen – (to climb to the crown) to go to one’s head
                            In der Krone haben – (have in the crown) to have had a drop too
                                                               many, to drink too much (see Drunken Times)
“And woe to you, King Jehoiakim, for you are building your great palace with forced labor…You say I will build a magnificient PALACE… painted a lovely RED.”   Jeremiah 22:13-16

German expression:   Dir wird keine Perls aus der Krone fallen, wenn du uns mal hilfst
                              (literally to you will no pearl from the crown fall, when you help us)
                              or “it would not hurt you to help us occasionally”.

                              An expression insinuating that royals do not do hard labor.

            قصر  Qasara – to be short, insufficient, inadequate; to miss, fail to reach or   
                                          achieve, fall short, fail
            قصر  Qasr – palace
            قصر  Qasar – slackness, laxity, negligence, indolen

Russian:  Двор - Dvor – courtyard
              Дворец - Dvorets – palace

Arabic:  عرص Arisa – to be gay, merry (see Drunken Times)
             عرصة Arsa – courtyard

English:  Royal - 1: of or pertaining to a king, queen, or other sovereign: royal power; a royal palace 
                         2: descended from or related to a king or line of kings: a royal prince 
                        10: extreme or persistent; unmitigated: a royal nuisance; a royal pain

English:  Purple - 1: any color having components of both red and blue  
                           2: cloth or clothing of this hue, especially as formerly worn
                           distinctively by persons of imperial, royal, or other high rank 
                           3a: highly rhetorical : ornate  b: marked by profanity
                           5: imperial, regal, or princely rank or position  6: deep red; crimson
                    adj. 9: imperial, regal, or princely  10: brilliant or showy  11: full of exaggerated
                              literary devices and effects; marked by excessively ornate rhetoric
English:  Purple - < synonyms > amaranthine, amethyst, blue-violet, bluish red, color, heliotrope, lavender, lilac, magenta,
                               mauve, mulberry, orchid, periwinkle, perse, plum, pomegranate, reddish blue, violaceous, violet, wine

                               (see Drunken Times)

  Trump's High End/Luxury Real Estate ventures/books - "flipping" to profit at other's expenses. is a huge sign of the time. Housing is so plentiful and the prices are crazy. Too many people are getting gouged for nasic living accomodations. This zeitgeist has affected most people outside of the privileged few who can afford trumped up prices.
English:  Real Estate - [from Sp. real "small Spanish silver coin (see Mad Money)," 1580s, noun use
                                   of real (adj.) "regal," from L. regalis "regal." + L. status "state or condition".]

English:  Silver -  2: coin made of this metal; specie; money

French:  Argent - (literally silver) money

"Wisdom cannot be bought for GOLD or SILVER ...Wisdom is far more valuable than GOLD."   Job 28:15-17

There are numerous quotes within the Bible warning about basing ones life/lifestyle on silver and gold.

“Their gods are merely manmade things of SILVER and GOLD. They can’t talk or see, despite their eyes and mouths! Nor can they hear or smell, nor use their hands of feet! Nor speak!  And those who make and worship them are just as foolish as their idols are.”   Psalm 115: 4-8

"Choose my instruction instead of SILVER, knowledge rather than choice GOLD..."   Proverbs 8:10
"My gifts are better than GOLD, even the purest gold, my wages better than STERLING SILVER!"  Proverbs 8:19
"How much better to get wisdom than GOLD, to choose understanding rather than SILVER!"   Proverbs 16:16
"It (the kingdom o heaven) cannot be bought with the finest GOLD, nor can its price be weighed in SILVER."   Proverbs 28:15

“Woe to those who command their lifeless idols…they are overlaid with GOLD & SILVER, but there is no breath at all inside.”  Habakkuk 2:19

"For you have defiled the Lord of Heaven, and brought these cups from his Temple; and you and your officers and wives and concubines have been drinking wine
(see Drunken Times) from them while praising gods of SILVER, GOLD, brass, iron, wood, and stone …”    Daniel 5:22-25

“Babylon the Great is fallen, is fallen; she has become a den of demons, a haunt of devils and every evil spirit. For all the nations have drunk the fatal wine of her intense immorality. The rulers of the earth have enjoyed themselves with her, and businessmen throughout the world have grown rich from her luxurious living. She has lived in luxury and pleasure … , she shall be utterly consumed by fire”... “She was their biggest consumer for GOLD and SILVER, PRECIOUS STONES, PEARLS, … and scarlet" (see America in the Red)   Revelation 18

ترف Tarifa – to live in opulence or luxury; to effeminate, surround with luxury
 ترفTaraf – luxury, opulence, affluence; effeminating
ترفن ا Altarfan –
the rich (see American Royals)
طرف Taraf – the utmost part, extremity, end, limit

Arabic:  يسر Yassar – ease, easiness, comfort, affluence, wealth , luxury
              يسر Yasara – to be or become easy; to be small, little, insignificant, to be or become
                      easy; to let sth. come to s.o. without effort; be indulgent; live in easy circumstances

Arabic: قصف Qasafa – to break (see Two), shatter, smash, beset, harass, bear down upon
            قصوف Qasuf – feast, revel, carouse, lead the life of opulence 

English idiom:  To have a “blast” (see Confused Warriors) – to have a lot of fun

German idiom:  Mit allem Komort und zuruck – (lit. with all comfort and backwards) with every luxury

“Babylon the Great is fallen, is fallen; she has become a den of demons, a haunt of devils and every evil spirit. For all the nations have drunk the fatal wine (see Drunken Times) of her intense immorality. The rulers of the earth have enjoyed themselves with her, and businessmen throughout the world have grown rich from her LUXURIOUS LIVING. She has lived in LUXURY and pleasure … , she shall be utterly consumed by fire”... “She was their biggest consumer for gold and silver, precious stones, PEARLS (see Mad Money), … and scarlet" (see America in the Red)   Revelation 18

English:  Luxury – [originally fr. O.Fr. luxurie lasciviousness, sinful self indulgence, fr. L .luxuria
                              rankness, excess, luxury, fr. luxus excess, extravagance] 
                          1 archaic: LECHERY, LUST 
                          2: sumptuous living
(see Drunken Times, American Dreams).. great ease and comfort..
                          3: something adding pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary
             Lascivious – lustful, lewd
             Lewd – [fr. M.E. lewed vulgar, fr O.E. laewede laical, ignorant] 1 obs: EVIL, WICKED ..
             Luxate – [fr. L. luxus dislocated] to throw out of place or out of place : DISJOINT
             1Disjoint – 2: having no elements in common
             2Disjoint – 1: to disturb the orderly structure or arrangement of  <a ~ed society>
             Excess – [fr. L. excessus going beyond the bounds of reason or beyond the subject

  Trump's Towers like
Trump Tower NYC (his headquarters) and his numerous Towers around the world like the 2
(see Two) gold (see Mad Money) Towers of Trump Hotel Towers Las Vegas, etc.. - Trump Hotel Las Vegas is a 64-story luxury (see American Royals) hotel-condominium located on Fashion
Show Drive just off the Las Vegas (see Mad Money) strip, named for famous real estate developer Donald Trump (see Trump's Reality, Foxes). Trump Hotel's 2 towers in 'Sin City" are located across the street from Steve Wynn's (see Drunken Times) Wynn Las Vegas, another gold hotel. Originally planed to be one tower, it is now a twin tower (see Two). After 9/11, Trump argued for the former World Trade Center aka The Twin Towers to be rebuilt exactly as the former twin towers but "one story taller". The exterior windows of the Trump Hotel towersare gilded with 24-carat gold. The facade of Trump's headquarters in New York are also gold. Trump has his name on towers at the following locations: Trump's headquarters in 725 5th Ave Manhattan New York, Trump World Tower also in Midtown Manhattan,'s Trump Hotel towers in Las Vegas, Trump International Hotel and Tower New York, Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago, Trump Plaza (Jersey City) -New Jersey's two tallest residential towers, Trump Tower at City Center in Westchester County, Trump International Hotel and Tower Fort Lauderdale, Trump Towers Sunny Isles Beach Florida, Trump Grande Ocean Resort condominium towers, Trump Tower Palm Beach Florida, Trump International Hotel and Tower Waikiki Beach Walk, Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver, Trump Towers Istanbul, Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto, The Palm Trump International Hotel and Tower Dubai, Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower Panam, Trump Tower Manila, ... Donald Trump easily owns the most "towers" in the world. Towers have the following connotations.

English:  Towering – 1: impressively high or great : imposing   2: reaching a high point of 
                                  intensity : overwhelming  3: going beyond proper bounds : excessive

The following is how Merriam Websters defines gross.
English:  Gross - [M.E., fr. M.Fr. gros thick, coarse, fr L. grossus]  1a archaic: immediately obvious,
                          b (1): glaringly noticeable usu. because of inexcusable badness or objectionableness
                          < error>  (2) : out and out, utter <  injustice> c: visible w/o the aid of a microscope 
                          2a: big, bulky, esp. : excessively fat  (see Fat Man & Little Boy)  b: growing or spreading
                          with excessive luxuriance (see American Royals)  3a: of, relating to, or dealing with general
                          aspects or broad distinctions  b: consisting of an overall total exclusive of deductions < income>
                          4: made up of material or perceptible elements: corporal < the grosser part of human nature >
                          5: archaic not fastidious in taste : undiscriminating  6: deficient in knowledge : ignorant, untutored 
                         (see Stupid Delays)  
7a: coarse in nature or behavior : unrefined  b: gravely deficient in civility or
                          decency: crudely vulgar.     Synonym see coarse, flagrant.

English:  Hype - ["excessive or misleading publicity or advertising," 1967, American English (the verb is attested          
                          from 1937), probably in part a back-formation of hyperbole, but also from underworld slang
                          sense "swindle by overcharging or short-changing" (1926), a back-formation of hyper
                          "short-change con man" (1914), from prefix hyper- meaning "over, to excess."]

Russian:  Лих/лищ - Leex/leesh – superfluous, evil
                Сликом - Sleekom – too

Arabic:  شمخى Shamakha – to be high, lofty, tower up (building), to disdain,
                                             to turn up the nose, be arrogant, haughty, proud, supercilious

The symbolism of TOWERS is most often associated with the erection of the Tower of Babel, a symbol of confusion where an overambitious people attempt to be one with god through material means. Its symbolism is worldwide. The Tower of Babel was an attempt to achieve godly knowledge through the use of a predominant language. God destroyed the tower and scattered the people into different tribes with different languages. Human presumption tried to rise to inordinate heights, but could not surpass its own nature. The Old Testament reveals that the Tower of Babel was the work of human pride, it was a city built in opposition to God.

If TOWERS were not acting as observation posts, they were intermediaries between Heaven and Earth. The sixteen major Arcanum of the Tarot depicts a flesh-colored tower, its pinnacle struck by a thunderbolt, while two persons are hurled headlong earthwards on either side of the building. In all, thirty seven almost spherical bodies, 13 red, 13 white, and 11 blue, stud the sky around the thunderbolt, its tongues of scarlet flame emphasizing its glory (see, and Tarot card 16 – the tower, is written to have the following connotations: delusion, illusion, ivy tower, pride, arrogance, ego, revelation, re-evaluation, a reality check, rude awakening, sudden shift in reality, a falling out, life changing event, a crisis coming to head, building castles in the sand, and a paradigm shift. Another source describes the tower as a symbol of abjection. The Tarot card 16 is associated with the planet Mars – the Roman God of War, together they represent destruction.

Tower Heist is a 2011 film about a cold hearted and duplicitous Wall Street ponzi schemer whose arrogant, lavish, and ill-gotten gain lifestyle is taken back by the people.

According to World Mythology, Roy Willis – General Editor, which was first published in 1993, TOWER myths are often stories of the folly of human presumptuousness. Throughout southern Africa, TOWERS basically served as a warning to the perils of over-ambitiousness. Many of these TOWERS of pride were glamorously erected only to fall from disapproval or contradiction to a divine being.

Arabic:  شمخى Shamakha – to be high, tall, lofty, tower up, loom; to disdain, turn up the nose, be
                                             arrogant haughty, proud, supercilious (see Drunken Times)

The following English idioms come to mind.
English:  High and mighty – characterized by arrogance, imperious (see Drunken Times, American Royals)
               High hat – supercilious, snobbish
               High-minded - 2: (archaic) arrogant; haughty

               High-brow – having pretensions to knowledge
               High falutin – pompous
(see Drunken Times, American Royals)
               High horse – arrogant and unyielding mood or attitude
(see American Royals)
               Highbinder – a dishonest political official, swindler, a member of a secret Chinese
                                   society employed in U.S. cities in blackmail, assassination, etc.

English:  High - 4: exceeding the common degree or measure; strong; intense   5: expensive; costly; dear  7a: acute in pitch
                       b: little sharp, or above the desired pitch  8: produced by relatively rapid vibrations; shrill  13: haughty;
(see Drunken Times)  14: advanced to the utmost extent or to the culmination: high tide  
                      15: elevated; merry or hilarious  16: rich; extravagant; luxurious  17: Informal. intoxicated with alcohol

                     (see Drunken Times)
or narcotics (see Stupid Delays)  19: extreme in opinion or doctrine, especially religious
                       or political  33: luxuriously; richly; extravagantly  39: a euphoric state induced by alcohol, drugs, etc...
              Lofty - 4: arrogantly or condescendingly superior in manner; haughty

English slang:  High/getting high - stoned
(see Stony) or intoxicated on drugs (see Snow Jobs & Other Frost)

"The terror you inspire and the PRIDE of your heart have deceived you, you who live in the clefts of the rocks, who occupy the HEIGHTS OF THE HILL Though you build your nest as HIGH as the eagle's
(see Preying), from there I will bring you down," declares the LORD."   Jeremiah 49:16

"He who loves a quarrel loves sin; he who builds a HIGH GATE
(see American Dreams) invites destruction."   Proverbs 17:19

English:  Haughty - [c.1400, haute, "high in one's own estimation, haughty," from Old French haut (11c.) "main, principal;
                             proud, noble, dignified; eminent; loud; grand," literally "high," from Latin altus "high" (see old); with
                             initial h- by influence of Frankish hoh "high." ]

"The pride of your heart has deceived you, you who live in the clefts of the rocks and make your HOME ON THE HEIGHTS, you who say to yourself, 'Who can bring me down to the ground?'   Obediah 1:3

Neither speak thy Prayer aloud,
Nor speak it in a low tone,
But seek a middle course
Between.”   Sura 17. 110

"Every valley
(see In a Hole) shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low. The crooked roads (see Crooked Leanings) shall become straight, the rough (see Stony, Sheehan v. Rough Noise) ways smooth."   Luke 3:5

Found within Chapters 20-21 - Mad Money

  Trump's enamorment with Gold - HELLO... can you get any more of an obvious sign folks.?! Idolatry like this is so
English:  1Gilt - 1: a simple past tense and past participle of 1gild   
                          2: gilded  3: gold in color; golden
               2Gilt - a young female swine
(see Corporate Pigs & Other Swine)
English:  1Gild - 1: to coat with gold, gold leaf, or a gold-colored substance   
                           2: to give a bright, specious aspect to;
                           to give a falsely attractive or valuable appearance to
                           3: Archaic . to make red
(see America in the Red), as with blood;
                           to smear with blood
English idiom:  Gild the lily - 1a. to adorn unnecessarily something already beautiful
                                            b: to praise someone inordinately
English:  Gold - 1: a precious light brown to yellow metallic element... often used in coins, jewelry ... 
                       2: a quantity of gold coins  3: a monetary standard based on this metal; gold standard  
                       4: money; wealth; riches
English:  Gold-digger - woman who pursues and uses men for their money                     
               Goldbrick - shirker, from an earlier verb mening "to swindle, cheat"
               Golden Calf - 1: symbol of idolatry and revelry set up by Aaron (see Mad Money) and worshipped by the
                                     Israelites in Exodus 32 within the Bible  2: either of the two similar idols set up by Jeroboam
                                     (see Drunken Times) in 1Kings 12:28-29   3: money or material goods as an object of
                                     worship or pursuit; mammon

In Daniel 2:38, the wicked and ill-fated Babylonian Empire is spoken of as a "HEAD OF GOLD" because of its great riches; and Babylon was called by Isaiah (14:4) the "golden city".

“Woe to those who command their lifeless idols…they are overlaid with GOLD & silver, but there is no breath at all inside.”  Habakkuk 2:19
“Their gods are merely manmade things of silver and GOLD. They can’t talk or see, despite their eyes and mouths! Nor can they hear or smell, nor use their hands of feet! Nor speak!  And those who make and worship them are just as foolish as their idols are.”   Psalm 115: 4-8
"Choose my instruction instead of silver, knowledge rather than choice GOLD..."   Proverbs 8:10
"My gifts are better than GOLD, even the purest gold, my wages better than sterling silver!"  Proverbs 8:19
"How much better to get wisdom than GOLD, to choose understanding rather than silver!"   Proverbs 16:16
"It (the kingdom o heaven) cannot be bought with the finest GOLD, nor can its price be weighed in silver."   Proverbs 28:15
"For you have defiled the Lord of Heaven, and brought these cups from his Temple; and you and your officers and wives and concubines have been drinking wine (see Drunken Times) from them while praising gods of silver, GOLD, brass, iron, wood, and stone …”    Daniel 5:22-25
“Their gods are merely manmade things of silver and GOLD. They can’t talk or see, despite their eyes and mouths! Nor can they hear or smell, nor use their hands of feet! Nor speak!  And those who make and worship them are just as foolish as their idols are.”   Psalm 115: 4-8
"Every man is stupid, devoid of knowledge; Every GOLDSMITH is put to shame by his idols; For his molten images are deceitful, And there is no breath in them. They are worthless, a work of mockery (see Foxes); In the time of their punishment they will perish. The portion of Jacob is not like these; For the Maker of all is He, And Israel is the tribe of His inheritance; The LORD of hosts is His name."   Jeremiah 10:10-14

“So the angel took me in spirit into the wilderness. There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet animal that had seven heads and ten horns (see Crooked Leanings), written all over with blasphemies against God. The woman wore purple (see American Royals) and scarlet (see America in the Red) clothing with beautiful jewelry made of GOLD and precious GEMS and PEARLS, and held in her hand a GOLDEN GOBLET FULL OF OBSCENITIES: A mysterious caption was written on her forehead:  “Babylon the Great, Mother of Prostitutes and of Idol Worship Everywhere around the World.”  Revelation 17:3-5

I could see that she was drunk
(see Drunken Times) – drunk with the martyrs of Jesus she had killed.” Revelation 17: 3-6

“Babylon the Great is fallen, is fallen; she has become a den of demons, a haunt of devils and every evil spirit. For all the nations have drunk the fatal wine of her intense immorality. The rulers of the earth have enjoyed themselves with her, and businessmen throughout the world have grown rich from her luxurious (see American Royals) living. She has lived in luxury and pleasure … , she shall be utterly consumed by fire”... “She was their biggest consumer for GOLD and SILVER, precious stones, pearls, … and scarlet" (see America in the Red)   Revelation 18

"Wisdom cannot be bought for GOLD or SILVER ...Wisdom is far more valuable than GOLD."   Job 28:15-17

Within the Bible,GOLDEN CALF (see Mad Money) was a two horned (see Crooked Leanings) symbol created by Aaron while the people of Israel lost patience for Moses to come down from the mountain. Aaron gathered everyone’s gold and made a calf to worship. It was used to represent the god that brought them out of Egypt, but in reality represented Israel’s materialistic and adulterous idolatry (Exodus 32: 2-5) within the wilderness. In Hebrew, the incident is known as ḥēṭ’ ha‘ēggel (חטא חשל) or "The Sin of the Calf".

(see Drunken Times) was also guilty of creating two calf (see Mad Money) idols that led to hundreds of years of idolatry (Kings 12:25-33).

"But where can wisdom be found? Where does understanding dwell? No mortal comprehends its worth; it cannot be found in the land of the living. The deep says, “It is not in me”; the sea says, “It is not with me.” It cannot be bought with the finest GOLD, nor can its price be weighed out in silver. It cannot be bought with the GOLD of Ophir, with precious onyx or lapis lazuli. Neither GOLD nor crystal can compare with it, nor can it be had for jewels of GOLD. Coral and jasper are not worthy of mention; the price of wisdom is beyond rubies. The topaz of Cush cannot compare with it; it cannot be bought with pure GOLD."   Job 28:12-19

Found within Chapters 9-12, 20-21 - Drunken Times, Mad Money
(see Related Works #4 - Gambling)

  Trump Entertainment/Trump Casinos/gambling businesses - , ...The word casino comes from, or is closely related, to the Old Italian word casino meaning a whorehouse/brothel (see Two), or tavern (see Drunken Times).
Italian:  Casino - whorehouse, tavern; row, racket
            Fare casino – to make a mess, to make a noise
            Piantare casino – to make a fuss
            Casinaro – troublemaker 

English:  Gamble – [fr. M.E. gammlen/gamenen “to play”, “jest”, “be merry” (see Drunken Times),
                            fr. O.E. gamenian  “to play” (see American Royals) fr. gamen “game”, fr. Germanic
                            gammeln – go bad, go off; loaf around, bum around, related to Gammel – junk, and
                            gammelig – rotten, bad, untidy, and Gammler – dropout]

English:  Goat
(see Bestial Behaviors) - [Old English gat "she-goat," from Proto-Germanic *gaitaz (cf. Old Saxon get,
                     Old Norse geit, Danish gjed, Middle Dutch gheet, Dutch geit, Old High German geiz, German Geiß,
                     Gothic gaits "goat"), from PIE *ghaidos "young goat," also "play" (cf. Latin hædus "kid").]

English:  Gamble (see Mad Money) - [fr. M.E. gammlen, variant of gamenen "to play, jest, be merry" (see Drunken Times)
                                                   from O.E. gamenian "to play, joke, pun," from the Old High German gam(an) ‘joy’, ‘play']

  to "PLAY" the stock market
.. that is.. to bet on others doing real work.

Gaelic:  Spòrs – diversion, play, fun
              Spòrsail – proud, disdainful, haughty
(see Drunken Times, American Royals)

English:  Play - [Old English plega (West Saxon), plæga (Anglian) "quick motion; recreation, exercise, any
                        brisk activity" (the latter sense preserved in swordplay, etc.), from or related to Old English
                        plegan (see play (v.)). Meaning "dramatic performance" is attested by early 14c., perhaps late
                        Old English. Meaning "free or unimpeded movement" of mechanisms, etc., is from c.1200. By
                        early Middle English it could mean variously, "a game, a martial sport, activity of children, joke
                        or jesting, revelry, sexual indulgence." Sporting sense "the playing of a game" first attested
                        mid-15c.; sense of "specific maneuver or attempt" is from 1868. To be in play (of a hit ball, etc.)
                        is from 1788. Play-by-play is attested from 1927. Play on words is from 1798. Play-money is
                        attested from 1705 as "money won in gambling," by 1920 as "pretend money."
                        Opposed to work (v.) since late 14c.]

The first definition of the English word "Play" (as opposed to work) is the following.

English:  Play – 1a: SWORDSPLAY .. (see Mad Money)

English:  Playboy - [1829, "wealthy bon vivant," from play (v.) + boy. Fem. equivalent playgirl first recorded
                               1934. As the name of a U.S. based magazine for men, from December 1953.]
                              a man who pursues a life of pleasure of nightclubs, expensive holiday resorts, female
                              company, etc without responsibility or attachments (see Hasty Hunting) and who is of
                              comfortable means  (see American Royals)
               Player - [Old English plegere, agent noun from play (v.). Stage sense is from mid-15c. As a pimp's
                            (see Childish Delays) word for himself (also playa), attested from 1974.]  a womanizer

English:  Jewel (see Mad Money) - [fr. OF jeu game play, jeuer to play, fr. L jocus game joke]

English:  Illusion - [mid-14c., "act of deception," from Old French illusion "a mocking, deceit, deception" (12c.),
                              from Latin illusionem (nominative illusio) "a mocking, jesting, irony," from illudere "mock at,"
                              literally "to play with," from assimilated form of in- "at, upon" (see in- (2)) + ludere "to play"
                              (see ludicrous). Sense of "deceptive appearance" developed in Church Latin and was attested
                              in English by late 14c. Related: Illusioned "full of illusions" (1920).]

English:  Delusional/delude - [c.1400, from Latin deludere "to play false; to mock, deceive," from de- "down,
                                            to one's detriment" + ludere "to play" (see ludicrous).]

English:  Ludicrous - [1610s, "pertaining to play or sport," from Latin ludicrus, from ludicrum "a sport, game, toy,
                               source of amusement, joke," from ludere "to play," which, with Latin ludus "a game, play,"
                               perhaps is from Etruscan, or perhaps from PIE root *leid- "to play." Sense of "ridiculous" is
                               attested from 1782. Related: Ludicrously; ludicrousness.]

French:  Bête - beast (see Bestial Behaviors) ... a possible etymology of the word bet - gamble.
French/English:  Bete noire - (lit. black beast) - thorn in one's side
(see Thorns of the Bush)

English idiom:  to go bet – (obsolete) to hurry (see Hasty Hunting)

Arabic: قمر Qamara – to gamble; snow blindness (see Snow Jobs & Other Frost)
              قمر Qamar – the moon

English words that are related to the moon include:
English:  to Moon – idle reverie
             Mooncalf – absent minded personmoonish - capricious
             Moonshine – empty talk, nonsense, intoxicating liquor (see Drunken Times)
             Moonstruck – mentally unbalanced, romantically sentimental
             Moony – dreamy

English:  Loony/looney/luny - [fr. L. luna moon
(see American Dreams)]
                                            1: lunatic; insane  2: extremely or senselessly foolish
(see Stupid Delays)
Spanish idiom:  Estar en la luna - (to be in/on the moon) to be daydreaming
Spanish slang (Lat. Am.):  De luna – ill humored
Italian:  luna park – (moon park) amusement park, funfair
     Vivere nel mondo della luna – (lit. to live in the world of the moon) to live in a nonexistent world

Gaelic:  Cearr – left, wrong, awkward
             Cearrachas – gaming, gambling
Irish:  Cearr – mental derangement
          Cearrbhach – gambler

“Father forgive these people”, Jesus said, “for they don’t know what they are doing.”
And the soldiers GAMBLED for his clothing, throwing dice for each piece.  The Execution – Luke 23:34 

“They ask thee
Concerning wine and GAMBLING
Say: In them is great sin,”  Sura 2:219

“for the love of MONEY is the reason for your sin.”  Ezekiel 7:19
“Don’t pray to idols, and then make MONEY your God instead.”  Romans 2:22
"Of what use is MONEY in the hand of a fool, since he has no desire to get wisdom?"   Proverbs 17:16
"Whoever loves money never has MONEY enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. This too is meaningless."   Ecclesiastes 5:10
"No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and MONEY."   Matthew 6:24
"Jesus entered the temple area and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the MONEY changers and the benches of those selling doves. "It is written," he said to them, " 'My house will be called a house of prayer,' but you are making it a 'den of robbers.' "   Matthew 21:12-13
"Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their MONEY into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts. But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a fraction of a penny. Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything--all she had to live on."   Matthew 12:41-44
"May your MONEY perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with MONEY!   Acts 8:20
"For the love of MONEY is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs."   1Timothy 6:10
"Keep your lives free from the love of MONEY and be content with what you have, because God has said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you."   Hebrews 13:5
"Be shepherds of God's flock that is under your care, serving as overseers--not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not greedy for MONEY, but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock."   1Peter 5:2-3
Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me."  Matthew 19:21

Found within Chapters 18-19 - American Royals

  The Steves of Donald Trump campaign - Donald Trump (see Trump's Relity, Foxes) released a list of the members of his economic advisory council. All of them are white, half of them are named some version of Steve, they mostly all have backgrounds in real estate and business, and none of them are women. “I am pleased that we have such a formidable group of experienced and talented [Steves] that will work with me to implement real solutions for the economic issues facing our country." Of the 13 names, 6 are named Steve!!! The team's best-known names, in conservative policy circles, are Steve Moore, the founder of the Club for Growth advocacy group and a
former economic columnist for the Wall Street Journal; David Malpass, who served in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations; and Harold Hamm, a self-made oil billionaire who was a top energy adviser to Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign. Inside the campaign, the team is led by policy director Stephen Miller, a former aide to Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, and deputy director Dan Kowolski. Other advisers include Dan DiMicco, a former CEO of steelmaker Nucor; Steven Mnuchin, Trump's national finance director, who is chairman and CEO of the investing firm Dune Capital Management; Steve Roth, founder and CEO of Vornado Realty Trust; hedge fund billionaire John Paulson; Howard Lorber, CEO of the Vector Group in Florida; real estate investor Tom Barrack; bankers Stephen M. Calk and Andy Beal; and financier Steve Feinberg.
Stevens comes from the Latin Stephanus, from the Greek Stephanos meaning ‘crown’.

English:  Crown - 1: any of various types of headgear worn by a monarch as a symbol of sovereignty,
                           often made of precious metal and ornamented with valuable gems
(see Mad Money)
                           2: a similar ornamental headgear worn by a person designated king or queen in a pageant, contest, etc.

German idioms:  Allem die Krone aufsetzen – (to put all on the crown) to take the cake
                            In die Krone steigen – (to climb to the crown) to go to one’s head
       In der Krone haben – (have in the crown) to have had a drop too many (see Drunken Times)

Steve is the diamond and jewel extortionist/killer in the 1988 film Shoot to Kill.
Steve is the thief who betrays his crew for more gold
(see Mad Money) in the 2003 film The Italian Job.
Stephen is the Uncle Tom
(see Two) African American obsequious to a ruthless slave plantation owner in the 2012 film Django Unchained.
Steven Taylor
(see Butchers) is the broke hedge fund (see Thorns of the Bush) manager who tries to kill his rich girlfriend in the 1998 film A Perfect Murder.
Stephen Chase
(see Hasty Hunting) is the arrogant Irish aristocratic land manager who becomes among other immigrants participating in a land rush on the Cimarron Territory in the 1992 film Far and Away.
Jimmy Stevens is the big business VP who cooks the books or an international energy companies global interests in the 2008 film The Caller.
Steve Butler
(see Drunken Times) Butler is the representative of a billion dollar natural gas company trying to convince various small town land owners within the Marcellus Shale to sell their lands for a quick profit despite the expense of environmental damage due to the drilling technique known as "fracking" in the 2012 film Promised Land.

(see America in the Red) Stevens is the narc turned drug dealing opportunist for big money in the 1992 film Deep Cover.
Steven McKenna
(see Black Burning Gloom) is the lost soul who chooses a fateful life of a hired assassin in the 2011 film The Mechanic.
Stephen Collins is the corrupt congressman in cohoots with a military/mercenary contractor in the 2009 film State of Play.
Stephen Obanno is the investor in a corrupt stock market manipulation scheme in the 2006 film Casino Royale.
Steve Shriver is the obsequious Iraq War soldier married to the American military in the 2008 film Stop Loss.

Stephen Myer
(see Quagmires) is the idealistic campaign manager who turns by utilizing vindictive and dirty business as usual political tactics in the 2011 film The Ides of March (see Confused Warriors).

Stephen Douglas (see Quagmires) Harris (see Harry Lays Waste) is the ruthless British secret society member fighting to protect oil interests within the Middle East in the 2011 film Killer Elite.

English:  Royal - 1: of or pertaining to a king, queen, or other sovereign: royal power; a royal palace 
                         2: descended from or related to a king or line of kings: a royal prince
                        10: extreme or persistent; unmitigated: a royal nuisance; a royal pain

“And woe to you, King Jehoiakim, for you are building your great palace with forced labor…You say I will build a magnificient PALACE … painted a lovely red.” (see America in the Red)   Jeremiah 22:13-16

"Listen now and try to understand. Could God govern if he hated justice? Are you going to condemn the Almighty Judge? Are you going to condemn this God who says KINGS and NOBLES 'You are wicked and unjust'? For he doesn't care how great a man may be, and doesn't pay any more attention to the RICH man than the poor. He made them all."   Job 34: 16-19

“The more lowly your service to others, the greater you are. To be the greatest, be a servant.  But those who think themselves great shall be disappointed and humbled; and those who humble themselves shall be exalted.”  Matthew 23:11-12

Found within Chapters 9-12, 41-42 - Drunken Times, Hasty Hunting

  Trump The Game - another selling (see Grabs The Heel, Mad Money) symbol of Trump. So much bullshit... so goes the desperate used car salesman of dying 20th century generations. American culture is filed with money angst where people are pining to be selling something or be a part of the organizations that sell. Life is not a game. Games are games. Athletes know this fact. In athletic contests there are rules and boundaries that are agreed upon and respected. There is a noble savage quality to these games. There is also true merit in athletic contests because true individuality is present in athletic contests free of lies and spins that exist in the politics of every day average business types. The cut throat corporate games where average and less than average weasels can buy up and affect peoples lives just because they are privy to
capital is most often not fair. Real estate is regal (see American Royals). Hedge funds (see Thorns of the Bush) are not fair. Private equity is not fair nor real or representative of real people nor a proper model for a sane future. If America is going to solve their pressing problems, America needs to keep gamesmanship out of politics and public service and empower people to compete in fair places - a triathalon, various other versatile bodily movements/activities, a spelling bee, Jeopardy, the arts, sciences, etc.., charity, ... and may the "winner" seek to spread his/her wealth for the betterment of all. Life is not gambling and gaming.
English:  Game - [Old English gamen "game, joy, jest, fun, amusement," common Germanic (cf. Old Frisian
                      game "joy, glee," Old Norse gaman, Old Saxon, Old High German gaman "sport, merriment"]
                  n. 1: an amusement or pastime: children's games
                      2: he material or equipment used in playing certain games: a store selling toys and games
                      3: a competitive activity involving skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more persons who
                      play according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for that of spectators ...
                      7: a particular manner or style of playing a game  8: anything resembling a game, as in requiring skill,  
                      endurance, or adherence to rules: the game of diplomacy  9: a trick
(see Foxes) or strategy
                      10: fun; sport of any kind; joke  11: wild animals, including birds and fishes, such as are hunted for food
                      or taken for sport or profit  12: the flesh of such wild animals or other game, used as food
                      13: any object of pursuit, attack, abuse, etc.  14: Informal. a business or profession:
                      He's in the real-estate game.  15: Archaic. fighting spirit; pluck.
               adj. gamer, gamest.
                      16: pertaining to or composed of animals hunted or taken as game or to their flesh  17: having a fighting spirit;
                      plucky ...  19: to play games of chance for stakes; gamble.
                  v. (used with object), gamed, gaming.
                      20: to squander in gaming (usually followed by away)
English Idioms:  21:  die game - to die after a brave struggle     
                        22:  make game of - to make fun of; ridicule: to make game of the weak and defenseless
                        24:  play games - to act in an evasive, deceitful, manipulative, or trifling manner in dealing with others

Found within Chapters 20-21 - Mad Money

  Trump Suits and Trump Ties - an obvious symbol of a culture of idolatry where people are pitted against each other for a dwindling pie of special jobs, special jobs that can pay for the crazed American costs of living/lifestyles. Suits and ties (people bounded/tied down/enslaved) are merely another uniform ... nothing special. Most jobs that require real work of some kind demand some kind of uniform. Most uniforms allow people to roll up their sleeves. Suits do not allow a person "to roll up ones sleeves". Suits are for the most part for privileged people. America has so much wealth and so many suits and ties, but why is it ??? why is it that the best the American business world can offer for a public servant/presidential candidate are 'in the box" types like Mitt Romney and Donald Trump? The answer is because a vast number of Americans are in that enslaved box and sadly can only look to money idols as their saviors. 99.9% of these Wall Street (see American Dreams) weasels who have money to run for public service do not do it. The reason idiots like Romney 2012, Trump 2016, let alone a majority of elected officials in Washington cannot put all the pieces together and speak/solve the pressing problems is because they exist in this money angst box and are not knowledgeable, wise, able, or qualified to be a voice of the real populaces. These "in the box" suit and tie types do not know what is going on in every type of life/lifestyle within the various cultures of the world. They cannot understand how their models (uniforms) are not a sustainable model for a sane future. Trump made an insane comment about the minimum wage - that he was against it and we just need to figure out how to get more people in "the upper stratosphere". He actually said this!!! Who and what built all that privileged people use or who sit on their asses within??? The Romney campaign failed when Anne Romney cluelessly declared in her stupid Americana voice "we built it" while trying to justify not being taxed too much. So the corporate game goes as reality TV star Donald Trump's show The Apprentice showed - numerous American corporate wannabes competing tooth and nail for the one job that can fuel their dreams (see American Dreams) .. while the other mass majority go home depressed in a shameful cab ride feeling they have no future. What a pathetic culture!!! The Apprentice is a gift - a true and one of the most important symbols of our time.
Really - How tight should a tie be much like how loose should one's freedom be?
The answers lie in a middle course between.

English phrases:  Tie down - to limit one's activities; confine; curtail
                          Tie one on - to get drunk
(see Drunken Times)

Found within Chapters 9-12 - Drunken Times

  Trump Vodka. Trump Wine! - Once again folks... another obvious sign for you to take serious. Trump's Winery is the largest vinyard on the east coast. So many of Trump's ventures/products are fly in the face of Biblical let along common sense laws. Wine. Time to refresh with some Scripture.

Vodka is the most popular hard liquor in the world. Interestingly, over 10 countries in the area of vodka’s origin have names for vodka that have roots that mean “to burn”. The term 'burning wine' was formerly the top term for vodka.
For example:

The Russian:  гореший вино - (Garashee Veeno) or ‘burning wine (see Black Burning Gloom).
Burning wine was the term for vodka used in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Russian slang:  Гарючка - Garuchka – (literally burned) alcohol, liquor;
                                                           gas for the auto (see Fierce Driving Hype)

English slang:  “Fire”Water – alcohol (see Drunken Times)

"This reply of Ahab’s reached Ben-hadad and the other kings as they were DRINKING ALCOHOL in their tents.
“Plan to attack!”  Ben Hadad commanded his officiers."   Kings 20:12-16
During Belshazzar’s feast and defiance of God in the book of Daniel, “the king invited a thousand of his officers to a great feast where the WINE flowed freely”.  Daniel 5:1-4
“Woe to those who are ‘heroes’ when it comes to DRINKING ALCOHOL …”  Isaiah 5:22
“But Jerusalem is now led by DRUNKS! Her priests and prophets reel and stager, making stupid errors and mistakes … filth is everywhere.”  Isaiah 28:1-7
"WINE is clearly the strongest thing in the world. It confuses the mind of everyone who drinks it. It makes everyone feel rich…and talk as if he owned the whole world….men are soon drawing their swords
(see Live by the Sword) to fight (see Confused Warriors) …”  Esdras 3:18-24
“Take from my hand this WINE cup filled to the brim with my fury, and make all the nations to whom I send you drink it. They shall drink from it and reel, crazed with the death blows I rain upon them.”   Jeremiah 25: 15-16
“But you caused the Nazarites to sin by urging them to drink your WINE …” Amos 2:12
“Don’t let the sparkle and smooth taste of strong WINE deceive (see Foxes) you…it bites like a poisonous serpent
(see Crooked Leanings)…you will see hallucinations…say foolish things.”   Proverbs 23:31-35
"A man who loves pleasure becomes poor; WINE and luxury (see American Royals) are not the way to riches.”   Proverbs 21:17
WINE give false courage; HARD LIQUOR leads to brawls..”   Proverbs 20:1
"For you have defiled the Lord of Heaven, and brought these cups from his Temple; and you and your officers and wives and concubines have been drinking WINE from them while praising gods of silver, gold
(see Mad Money), brass, iron, wood, and stone …”    Daniel 5:22-25
“And while they (Babylon) lie inflamed with all their WINE … I will bring them to slaughter.”  Jeremiah 51:39
“What’s more, these arrogant Chaldeans (Babylon) are betrayed by all their WINE, for it is treacherous. In their greed they have collected many nations, but like death and hell they are never satisfied.”   Habakkuk 2:5 – The Chaldeans are Robbers“
… the joys of WINE AND DRINK – that is the kind of DRUNKEN lying (see Foxes) prophet that you like!”  Micah 2:11
 “Don’t drink any WINE OR BEER …”   The Angel’s words to Samson’s mother.  -  Judges 13
“For he (John the Baptist) will be one of the Lord’s great men. He must never drink WINE or HARD LIQUOR – and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit …”   Luke 1:15

Here are some more interesting foreign words associated with ALCOHOL.

Hindi:   छकाना Chakana – to satiate, intoxicate, to cheat

             تك Takka – to crush under foot, trample; intoxicate                   

             ندم Nadama – to repent, rue, regret;
                                   drink alcohol, carouse

Arabic:    نبيد Nabid – wine, a word which comes from the verb Nabada.
                نبد Nabada – h
url, fling, throw (see Greedy Spears), reject, discard, spurn, expel, banish, disown,
                                       repudiate, eliminate, dismiss, abandon, give up                         

English:  2Drunk – dominated with an intense feeling  < ~ with power>

English:  Nobble – to drug a race horse, hit on the head, to bribe and steal
             Nobbler – wine glass

English slang:  “Fire”Water
(see Black Burning Gloom) – alcohol

English:  getting “Bombed” or “Tanked”
(see Confused Warriors) – slang for getting drunk

Old English:   Bombard
(see Confused Warriors) – drunkard

Scots:  Banged
(see Confused Warriors) – under the influence

Scots:  Spin
(see Crooked Leanings) – a drinking bout

Scots:   Horn
(see Crooked Leanings) – a drought of liquor
             Hornie – the devil

Scots:   Bree – liquor, whiskey, ale, moisture, broth, brew
            Bree – disturbance, fuss hurry, bustle
(see Hasty Hunting)

Scots:  Bosky – the worse for drink, wild, unfrequented (from the root bosch – bush, woods)
(see Woods Boys)

Scots:  Boozy –bulky, plump; tipsy or fond of drink; bushy, hairy
(see Hairy Delays)

Basque:  Katu – trigger of a gun, drunkenness, a cat
(see Lions Against Islam)

Russian slang:  Взвод - Vzvod – drunk, a cocked gun (see American Guns) ..  like the
English slang:  “Getting cocked” (see American Guns, Battering Cocks) - drunk

Russian slang:  Снард - Snaryad – (literally artillery shell) a large liquor bottle

Russian slang:  Фугас - Fugas –  high explosive bomb 
(see Confused Warriors); low quality wine

Russian slang:  Гарючка - Garuchka – (literally burned) alcohol, liquor; gas for the auto

                                                           (see Black Burning Gloom, Fierce Driving Hype)

Portuguese slang:  Pistola – (literally pistol) bottle of wine
                           Pistoleiro – a drunk
(see American Guns)

French:  Pot de vin – (literally a jar of wine) a bribe                    

Italian:  Fare fiasco –  (literally to make a flask) to fail badly
                  Fiasco – flask, (which happens to be the root of the English word fiasco)

“Now go and empty the seven FLASKS of the wrath of God upon the earth.”   Revelation 16:1

Flask is the tenacious, instinctually ruthless whale hunter in the classic 1851 novel Moby Dick.

Found within Chapter 44 - Butchers

   Trump Steaks - Holy cow... who does not like a good juicy steak. I've been there.. but have evolved to realize I can easily supply my body with all the necessary nutrients without killing animals. Holy cow... wolfing the holy cow like a carnivorous animal is not evolved. There are so many ways to have delicious foods that are best for your body without killing animals. If you want optimal body and brain/mind performance, eat foods with authentic colors (see Four & Five) and reduce/avoid the three whites (see Snow Jobs & Other Frost) of sugar, flour, dairy, and avoid brown foods. For all of human history up to beginnings of mass transport, most people had to hunt for their red meat and ate more temperately. Now people revel in the spoils of the kill without doing
the killing. When a person like Donald Trump earns a large amount of money, claims to know what is good for the country, and sets his guns on the Presidency, you would think they would renounce obvious products/signs like pointer fingers, gambling dens, wine/vodka/alcohol, gold, towers, real estate, walls, money idolatry, and yes - red meat that are all constantly referred to within the Bible in a negative light. Wake up America, Trump is just another childish American who is clueless as to how people will be living in the future. The fact that he rises to the political top is a sure sign that Americans of all backgrounds and educations are vacuous in some very signifiicant and scary ways. Where are the people with money who have wisdom for the future let alone the guts to run for office. Pathetic. America with all its financial angsts will continue to "have a cow". Trust me convenient fast/easy meat eating obese (see Bestial Beahvaviors, Fat Man & Little Boy) people, when you stop eating animals you become smarter and smarter and smarter, wiser and wiser and wiser. You get more when you give more. Dont take lives.

Daniel was a Prophet, Seer, and great man of learning and wisdom who rejected the foods and wines (see Drunken Times) given to him by the king of Babylon.
"He showed by EATING ONLY VEGETABLES AND WATER (see Blue, Yellow Green, Four & Five), how he could be the most learned and competent interpreter of languages and dreams of the time."  Daniel 1: 8-21; 10:3 
“This is a permanent law throughout your land, that YOU SHALL EAT NEITHER FAT NOR BLOOD.”   Leviticus 3:17

“Don’t undo the work of God for a CHUNK OF MEAT…it is wrong to eat it if it makes another stumble. The right thing to do is to QUIT EATING MEAT or drinking wine
(see Drunken Times) or doing anything else that offends your brother or makes him sin.”   Romans 14:20-21

The following is a quote from the Koran that the fattest nation or nations of the world should learn.
“While those who reject God will enjoy (this world) and eat as cattle eat;
  Sura 47: 12

The exact definition of butcher within Webster’s Dictionary:
English:  Butcher – [M.E. bocher, fr. O.Fr. bouchier, fr. bouc he-goat, probably of Celt. origin; akin
                          to M.Ir. bocc – he-goat (see Bestial Behaviors)]  1a: one who slaughters animals or dresses
                          their flesh  b: a dealer in meat  2: one who kills ruthlessly or brutally  3: BOTCHER 
              Butcherly – resembling a butcher : savage (see Woods Boys)
              Butchery – 1: slaughterhouse  2: preparation of meat for sale 
                                3: cruel and ruthless
                                slaughter of human beings  4: BOTCH  syn see massacre
              Botch – 1: to repair or patch ineptly   2: to foul up hopelessly: bungle (see Stupid Delays)
                           3: to assemble or construct in a make-shift way
              Botchwork – clumsy or careless work  (see Stupid Delays)

French:  Boucher/bouchère (n) - butcher
              Boucher (v)  - to stop up,
              Boucher (adj) - stupid, blocked
(see Stupid Delays)

The English word butcher comes from the Old French bouchier – slaughter of goats, and bouc – male goat (see Bestial Behaviors).

English slang:  Meat head - stupid person (see Stupid Delays)

German:  Metze – strumpet, whore
               Metzelei – slaughter, butchery               
               Metzeln – to butcher, slaughter
German idiom:  Einen Metzgergang machen - (to make a butchers trip) to make a trip for nothing (see Stupid Delays)

Portuguese slang:  Açougue – (literally butcher) brothel, whorehouse, place of disorder (see Quagmires)

Italian:  Macello – slaughterhouse
             Que macello! – what a mess! (see Quagmires)
             Mandare al macello – to send to their deaths
             E un macello – it’s a disaster

German:   Schlachthof - slaughterhouse
                 Schlacht – battle (see Confused Warriors)
                 schlachten – to slaughter, kill

Russian:   Бой - Boy – battle, fight (see Confused Warriors)
               Бойня - Boyna – slaughterhouse, butchery

As I showed in German and Russian, butchers are linguistically associated with battles. This is also the case with Arabic.
Arabic:  لحم Lahama (lahm) – to join in battle, engage in mutual massacre
             لحم  Lahm – flesh, meat

Checkout this etymological fact about meat!

English:  Wurst - [German sausage, 1855, from German Wurst, from Old High German wurst "sausage," probably
                          etymologically "mixture," from Proto-Germanic *wursti-, from PIE *wers- (1) "to confuse, mix up"
                          (see war
(see Confused Warriors)). Another etymological theory is from German, literally:
                          something rolled; related to Latin vertere to turn
(see Crooked Leanings)]
                          a large sausage, esp of a type made in Germany, Austria, etc

English:  War – [M.E. were, fr. O.N.Fr., of Gmc. origin; akin to O.H.G. werra strife; akin to O.H.G.
                        werran to confuse]            
             1War – state of armed hostile conflict…         
             2War – to engage in warfare …
             3War – chiefly Scot : worse  
             4War, warred, warring – chiefly Scot : worst
             Confuse – 1: to bring to ruin  2a: to make embarrassed : ABASH  b: to disturb in mind or
                          purpose  3a: to make indistinct : BLUR  b: mix indiscriminately : JUMBLE  c: to fail to
                         differentiate from an often similar or related other   syn see MISTAKE
(see Stupid Delays)
             Worst - [Old English wiersa, wyrsa "worse," from Proto-Germanic *wers-izon- (cognates: Old Saxon wirs, Old
                         Norse verri, Swedish värre, Old Frisian wirra, Old High German wirsiro, Gothic wairsiza "worse"),
                         comparative of PIE *wers- (1) "to confuse, mix up" (cognates: Old High German werra "strife," Old
                         Saxon werran "to entangle, compound;" see war (n.)). Used as a comparative of bad, evil, ill or as the
                         opposite of better. The adverb is Old English wyrs; the noun is Old English wyrsa.]

Found within Chapter 6 - Lions Against Islam

Trump University and its Lion logo. - the cowardly predator (see Preying) and carnivore lion is 97% of the time portrayed within language and literature in the similar ways to how the Bible (Old and New Testament) portrays lions. This lion logo is the same as the Lion of Judah (see Grabs the Heel). Notice the claws (see Preying, Grabs the Heel).

English pun:  Lion/Lying

Arabic idiom: 
الاسد في بالد الغبة جبان Al asada fi biladi lgharbati jaban - the lion is a coward in strange lands.

Lions are consistently portrayed as agents of evil in the Bible.
“ a top predator, raider of livestock”   1 Samuel 17, Amos 3:12
“ the wicked are like LIONS …eager to… lurking in ambush   Psalm 17:12, Psalm 7:2, 22:13, 21
“the devil behaves like a LION”  1 Peter 5:8
“burst from hiding emerging from a thicket or forest”   Jeremiah 49:19, 50:44, 25:38, Job 38:40, Jeremiah 5:6, 12:8
“On through the badlands they go, where LIONS and swift venomous snakes live.”    Isaiah 30:6
“My people have roared at me like a LION of the forest, so I have treated them as though I hate them.”    Jeremiah 12:8
Your ‘prophets’ have plotted against you like LIONS stalking prey.” They devour many lives, they seize treasures and extort wealth …”   Ezekiel 22:24

The Kingdom of the Antichrist
“The beast looked like a LEOPARD, with feet like a bear’s feet and a mouth like a LION'S mouth”
A Dragon encouraged this Creature with bear’s feet and a LION'S mouth “to speak blasphemies against the Lord…to rule over all nations and language groups throughout the world.”   Revelation 13:2-8

Throughout the Bible, lions are consistently portrayed as agents of punishment or evil.
“Experience teaches that it is those who sow sin and trouble who harvest the same. They die beneath the hand of God. Though they are fierce as young LIONS, they shall be broken and destroyed.”    Job 4:8-11
“He will rescue me from these liars who are so intent upon destroying me. I am surrounded by fierce LIONS–hotheads whose teeth are sharp as spears and arrows. Their tongues are like swords.”    Psalms 57: 3-4
“They are pitiless and arrogant. Listen to their boasting. They close in on me and are ready to throw me to the ground. They are like LIONS eager to tear me apart, like young lions hiding and waiting their chance.”   Psalms 17:10

Four Lions is a 2010 film about 4 radical Islamists preparing to become suicide bombers.
Lions for Lambs is a 2007 film about the struggle for various American power interests to clarify their intentions and agree on resolutions to make peace of the Iraq and Afghanistan War quagmires.


Many liturature and films portraying the lion in negative lights
(see Chapter).

English idioms:  Throw someone to the lions – allow s.o. to criticized or treated roughly without
                                                                       being protected. In Roman times and at other periods
                                                                       in the past, this was a way people were put to death.
                        Walk into the lion’s den – go into a dangerous or difficult situation  (Daniel 6)
                        The lion’s share – the largest part

French:  Léonin – leonine, pertaining to a lion; one-sided, inequitable

In Greek mythology, the Nemean LION was a vicious monster. This thick-skinned lion terrorized the area around Nemea. Heracles eventually killed this terrorist. In addition, the Greek god of wine and revelry – Bacchus or Bacchi Sidus, was often associated with a lion, its shape often taken in his transformations. Bacchus (see Drunken Times) is often depicted wearing a lion’s skin.

The LION is sometimes associated with strength, and pride and not courage. The word courage comes from the Latin word cor - meaning heart. Courage is defined as … withstanding danger, fear, or difficulty…  Lions, or “The King of Beasts” (see Bestial Behaviors), do not have an adversary in the wild. They do not experience danger, fear, or difficulty. The veritable king of the jungle is the elephant - an intelligent, emotional, and sensitive animal that displays advanced social behaviors. Elephants are the largest mammals in the world that also happen to be vegetarians endowed with a big nose/knows. Lions are predators (see Preying). They do not have the courage or ability to evolve. They cannot co-exist with others in the jungle. They are more like the cowardly lion of the Wizard of Oz. An appropriate animal to symbolize courage would be one that faces fear and danger and survives.

English:  Beast (i.e lion as The King of the Beasts) – 1a: an animal as distnguished from a plant
                       b: the lower animal as distinguished from man..  d: an animal under human control 
                       2: a contemptible person   

The courageous are the ones preyed upon, not the predators. The courageous are those with heart. Pride is more symbolic of the lion.
English:  Pride – [more at proud]  1: the quality or state of being proud as a: inordinate self
                        esteem : CONCEIT 
(see Drunken Times)  b: a reasonable or justifiable self respect 
                        c: delight or elation arising from..  2: proud or disdainful behavior or treatment : disdain 

                        3a: ostentatious display ..  5: a company of lions

English:  Lionize – to treat as a celebrity

The “lion’s den” ..
English:  Den – [ME, fr. OE denn; akin to OE denu valley]  1: the lair of a wild usually predatory
                        animal  2a (1): a hollow or cavern used especially as a hideout 
(see In a Hole)
                       (2) a center of  secret activity  b: a small usually squallid dwelling 
             1Lair – [ME fr. OE leger; akin to OHG legar bed, OE licgan to lie more at LIE]   1: a
                        resting or sleeping place  2a: a resting or living place of a wild animal : DEN 
                        b: a refuge or place for hiding
             2Lair – [fr. Scots lair mire]  to cause to sink in mire ~  WALLOW
(see Quagmires)
             Conceal – [ME concelen, fr. MF conceler, fr. L concelare, fr. com + celare  to hide –
                               more at HELL]
              Hell – [fr. OE hel helle nether world, abode of the dead, infernal regions, fr. P.Gmc.
                         khaljo “the underworld”, lit. “concealed place”, fr. PIE kel – to cover, conceal] 

Found within Chapter 17 - American Dreams

  Trump's (see Trump's Reality) Proposed Wall along the U.S. - Mexican Boarder - insanity. In a time when the American Dream is coming to an end given the trends taking jobs (see Introduction, Messages), the Republican front runner for president in 2016 foolishly thinks that exisiting in a 20th century old world GNP/GDP (see Fat Man & Little Boy) vision of a socio-economy is the answer. It really is amazing how stupid most Americans are. The answers are in the de-emphasis of money worldwide that seeks to empower people in balanced sustainable ways as opposed to trumpeting a fierce economy based on selling (see Mad Money) and having to be part of something that sells that ultimately depletes resources at an
ubsustainable rate. Though illegal immigration is a huge problem that demands immediate attention, the answers are to utilize technology let alone the militiary to secure the border and deport as many illegals as posisble and penalize any employer who does not cooperate with the laws.
English:  Wall – [fr. O.E. weall rampart, fr. L. vallum wall, rampart, row of stakes]
              Wall-eyed – slang (1900s) for being intoxicated
(see Drunken Times)
             To put up walls – to shut someone out
             To climb the walls – to go somewhat crazy
             To hit the wall – to be thwarted
             To bang your head against the wall – to be frustrated
             To drive someone up a wall – to madden
             To stone-wall someone – to stubbornly ignore someone 
(see Stony, Stupid Delays)
             Rampart – [fr. M.Fr. deriv. of remparer re + emparer to take possession of]
             Munitions – [fr. M.Fr. municion fortification, fr. L moenia defensive walls]         
                                 materials used in war (see Confused Warriors),
                                 which is the root for the word ammunition
(see American Guns)
             Fence – (n) [M.E. fens, short form of defense]
             Defense – [M.E. defenden , fr. O.Fr. defender, fr. L. defendere, fr. de + -fendere to strike;
                              akin to O.E. guth battle, war
(see Confused Warriors), Gk. theinein to strike] 
                             2: to drive danger or attack away from …
             Offend – [fr. L. offendere to strike against – more at DEFEND] 1a: to transgress the
                            moral or divine law : SIN  b: to violate law or rule : do wrong  2a: to cause
                           difficulty, discomfort, or injury  b: to cause dislike, anger or vexation 
                           ~ vb. 1a: VIOLATE, TRANSGRESS …
             Offense – 1a obs: an act of stumbling  b archaic: a cause or occasion of sin :
                             STUMBLING BLOCK …
             Offensive – 1a: making attack : AGGRESSIVE   b: of, related to, or designed for attack
                               <~ weapons> …
             Fence – (v) [to fight with swords, from the noun fence]
(see Live by the Sword)
             Scaramouche – [fr. It. Scarmuccia skirmish, fr. schermire to fence, fr. O.H.G. skirmen
                               defend; akin to M.E. skirmysshen brandish a weapon, fr. O.Fr. eskirmir to fence]
                               a cowardly braggart
(see Drunken Times, Live by the Sword)

"He who loves a quarrel loves sin; he who builds a HIGH GATE
(see American Royals) invites destruction."   Proverbs 17:19

Found within Chapters 74-75 - Two

  Trump's simplistic name calling and labeling people "losers" - History is complex and demands muliple chapters let alone tomes of information to explain or at least interpret. An individual's personal history also demands proper analysis and empiracal data to begin to formulate scientific opinions. It is easy to label evil. Yet even most evil have many shades of grey and even these evil people demand some kind of proper descriptions. The cut-throat Darwinian (see Bestial Behaviors) gotta sell (see Mad Money) or be part of selling something in order to survive/pay inordinate socially unsustainable costs of living has pitted people against each other within capitalist (see Mad Money) crazed America. Trump's reality show (see Trunp's Reality) is an obvious and important symbol of the times because it shows how everyone is pining to be part of a corporate club where there are winners and losers. His show The Apprentice showed how merit was often how one played others, and ultimately there was one winner while another 11 + went home "fired" feeling they had no future. What a fucking sick culture!!! Winner/loser .. grow up! A real winner does not need to trumpet his/herself. A real winner brings out the best in those around them. A real winner knows who a virtuous human is and how to behave (see The Man). The strongest man in the room is the quietest. More loud and cracked auto (Greek meaning 'self') beliefs that have created American problems of division.

English:  Demon - [c.1200, from Latin daemon "spirit," from Greek daimon "deity, divine power; lesser god;
                            guiding spirit, tutelary deity" (sometimes including souls of the dead); "one's genius, lot, or
                            fortune;" from PIE *dai-mon- "divider, provider" (of fortunes or destinies), from root
                            *da- "to divide"]

English:  Paralyze - [1520s, fr. Latin paralysis, fr. Greek paralysis "paralysis, palsy," literally "loosening," fr. paralyein
                                "disable, enfeeble," fr. para- "beside" (see para- (1)) + lyein "loosen, untie" (see lose)]
               Lose - [Old English losian "be lost, perish," fr. los "destruction, loss," fr. Proto-Germanic *lausa- (cf. Old
                          Norse los "the breaking up of an army;" Old English forleosan "to lose, destroy," Old Frisian forliasa,
                          Old Saxon farliosan, Middle Dutch verliesen, Old High German firliosan, German verlieren), fr. PIE
                          root *leu- "to loosen, divide, cut apart, untie, separate" (cf. Sanskrit lunati "cuts, cuts off," lavitram
                          "sickle;" Greek lyein "to loosen, untie, slacken," lysus "a loosening;" Latin luere "to loose, release,
                           atone for, expiate")]

“It is not righteousness 
That you turn your faces
Toward East or West;
But it is righteousness –
To believe in God … the Last Day, the Angels, the Book, the Messengers,
To spend of your substance
Out of love for him, your kin, the orphans, the needy, the wayfarer, those who ask,
To be steadfast in prayer,
And practice regular charity.  Sura 2:177

English:  Deuce – [from Middle French deus, via Latin duo – two]
                           3: [obs. English deuce – bad luck] a: devil, dickens
(see Woods Boys)
              Deuced – damned, confounded
              Deucedly - extremely

  Some of the EXTREMES that demand a third element to bring cohesiveness are the following:
The following are some
Very Signifiicant Extreme Polarities/Duplicities/Dualisms:
(see Mad Money)/Bears (see Bears of the Woods)
(see Rough Noise, Confused Warriors)/Bust (see Rough Noise, Confused Warriors)
FOX Business News Boom (see Rough Noise, Confused Warriors)and Gloom (see Black Burning Gloom) Report
- a daily recap of which stocks went up and which went down.
FOX Business News infamous "Makers v. Takers" attack on entitlement programs.
(see Black Buring Gloom)/Cold (see Snow Jobs & Other Frost)
(see Drunken Times)/Melancholy (see Black Burning Gloom)
(see Woods Boys)/Young (see Childish Delays)

I find the economic terms   “Boom”/ “Bust” to be interesting because both have explosive-like connotations.
The word boom comes from the root of the word bomb
(see Confused Warriors), whic is the Latin bombus "deep, hollow noise; a buzzing or booming sound," from the Greek bombos "deep and hollow sound".

Say : “Call upon God or           
Call upon Rahman :
By whatever name ye call
Upon Him, (it is well) :
For to Him belonG
The Most Beautiful Names.
Neither speak thy Prayer aloud,
Nor speak it in a low tone,
But seek a middle course Between.”    Sura 17. 110

Found within Chapters 67-69, 74-75 - Stupid Delays, Two

  Trump's constant use of the Pointer Finger - , ...
see Donald Trump (see Trump's Reality, Foxes)
The following are merely some etymologial and semiotic highlights of the name/symbols. See chapter/s.

Spanish:  No tener dos dedos de frente - ( not have two fingers ) to be really stupid (see Stupid Delays)

Russian:  пáлцем дéланный - Palstyem delanniy - ( made with a finger ) a fool, an idiot (see Stupid Delays)

French:  Comme les deux doigts de la main – ( like the two fingers of the hand ) to be thick as thieves
(see Roving, Preying)

Russian:  как два пáльца обоссáть - Kak dva paltsa obassat - ( like two fingers set about ) to be very easy
(see Stupid Delays)

Found within Chapters 46-49 - Black Burning Gloom

  Trump's infamous line "Your Fired" - Trump patented this common phrase "Your Fired" he used on his reality TV show The apprentice. He owns "Your Fired".
English:  Fired - your emploment is terminated
             Fire - .... 3: the destructive burning of a building, town, forest, etc.; conflagration  ...
                      7: brilliance, as of a gem z 8: burning passion; excitement or enthusiasm; ardor
                      9: liveliness of imagination  10: fever or inflammation  11: severe trial or trouble; ordeal
                     12: exposure to fire as a means of torture or ordeal  13: strength, as of an alcoholic
                     beverage  14: a spark or sparks  15: the discharge of firearms  16: the effect of firing
                     military weapons  ...   v.  ... 27: to discharge (a gun)  ... 31: to dismiss from a job

Found within Chapters 67-69 - Stupid Delays

  Trump's Use of Twiiter Tweeting Like No Other Candidate in History - Trump has been a big time tweety bird while a businessman and entertainer. However utilizing this birdbrain forum that cannot possibly explain resolutions to the country's pressing problems in scientific detail is an obvious symbol of a ninny/clown/person better suited to people who communiate in simple 1-2 lines .. as opposed to communicating in multiple lines let alone paragraphs that show details that a real leader/person of knowledge and wisdom should have. Twitter wars only appeal to the stupid Americans aka like gossip (see Stupid Delays) medias. ONCE AGAIN; people who use and or believe that Twitter is a good medium for social policy are a wasted mind. Trump once
tweeted "I am the third most envied man in Ameirca, the small group of haters and losers must be nauseas" (his spelling). Some more examples of Trump's birdbrained tweets:
  Twitter - tweet tweet. Twitter is for birdbrains.
English:  Twitter - 1: to utter a succession of small, tremulous sounds, as a bird
                           2: to talk lightly and rapidly, esp. of trivial matters; chatter
                           3: to titter; giggle
                           4: to tremble with excitement or the like; be in a flutter

English:  Flutter - ... 6: to go with irregular motions or aimless course
                             8: to throw into nervous or tremulous excitement;
                             cause mental agitation; confuse
              Tweet - a weak chirping sound, as of a young or small bird
British slang:  Bird - a girl or young woman
English slang:  Bird - someone with some odd peculiarity
English slang:  The bird - an obscene gesture of anger, defiance, or derision made by
                                         pointing the middle finger upward
English slang:  Bird brain - inept person
Old English:  Burde - maiden, girl, also applied as a derisory nickname
English idioms:  Bird in the hand - a thing possessed in fact as opposed to a thing about which one speculates
                        For the birds - useless or worthless, not to be taken seriously
English:  Chicks - 1: a young chicken or other bird  2: a child 
(see Childish Delays)  3slang: a girl or young woman
English slang:  Quail - a woman or girl

Italian slang:  Uciello - (lit. bird) a penis, blockhead
French:  Oiseau - bird
             Oisif - idle
Spanish idiom:  Tener pájaoros en la cabeza - (lit, to have birds in the head) to be crazy, bats in the belfry
Spanish slang:  Pajáro Nalgón - (lit. Nalgón bird) useless person
                       Pajarón/a - negligent, careless, unattentive
                       Pajarota - vulgar woman
                       Pajero/a - masterbator; lazy; one who mixes the truth with lies
German slang:  Eine Vogel haben - (lit. to have a bird) to be crazy

                       Wachtel - (lit. a quail) a foolosh female

English:  Hen party - a party or gathering for women only
              Hen - 1: the female of the domestic fowl  2: the female of any bird, especially of a gallinaceous bird
                        3: a woman, especially a busybody or gossip

Scots:  Tootle – to chirp; play the horn… to mutter; to talk foolishly; to gossip 
                          n. silly gossip
(see Stupid Delays)

           Tootle – to drink alcohol, to tipple (see Drunken Times)

Found within Chapter 70 - Hairy Delays

  The low brow of Donald Trump (see Trump's Reality) - the gambling casino (see Drunken Times, Mad Money) entrepreneur who attempts to dally in the realm of public policy with flirtations of presidential ambitions. He was among the most notable "Birther" imbeciles who questioned President Obama's birth certificate, and who was brilliantly humiliated for these lowbrow beliefs by the President at the Correspondents Dinner. Trump represents and symbolizes a cut-throat corporate game mentality where there are winners and losers, and that business and making money is a significant way to judge someones worth. His public policy positions are amateurish at best. He bluntly
thinks there is plenty of oil in the world and that America should have more of Iraq's oil because of the 2003 invasion. He says America should "take the Iraqi oil" with his belief "to the victor comes the spoils (see Roving)". He also wanted to rebuild the Twin Towers (see Two) exactly the way they were but one story taller. He is finishing his own twin tower (see Two) gold (see Mad Money) casino in Las Vegas (see Mad Money). No matter how hard this clown stumbles and falls he keeps coming back with no shame, though only the likes of FOX News (see Foxes) gives him time. He is a weekly monday morning guest on FOX and Friends where his uncountable spins and lies are too nauseous to go into further detail. His infamous and ridiculous hairdo often reminds me of a fox .... etc.........Written back in 2013... NOW this guy is the Republican nominee for the presidency of the U.S.!!! He appeared on The Late Show and had his hair played with in Sept of 2016... less than two months before the election.
English:  Lowbrow - 1: a person who is uninterested, uninvolved, or uneducated in intellectual activities or pursuits  
                                  2: being a lowbrow  < that lowbrow idiot >  
(see Stupid Delays) 
                                  3: of, pertaining to, or proper to a lowbrow < lowbrow entertainment >
              Brow - 1: the part of the face from the eyes to the hairline; forehead

Found within Chapters 72-73 - America in the Red

   The Red Hat "Make America Great Again" symbol of ruddy faced (see Ameria in the Red) red-headed (see America in the Red) Donald Trump's (see Trump's Reality, Foxes) 2016 presidential campaign - Donald Trump (see Trump's Reaity, Foxes), Ted (see Quagmires) Cruz, Marco (see Confused Warriors) Rubio (see America in the Red) and Jeb Bush (see Woods Boys, Drunken Times) were the top contenders for the Republicans in 2016.
Found within Chapters 72-73 - America in the Red

Found within Chapters 20-21 - Mad Money

  Mike Pence – Republican Congressman from Indiana who is Donald Trump's (see Trump's Reality) Vice Presidential running mate for 2016. Pence was the lonely GOP dissent against Wall Street bailout (Aug 2010) yet he voted NO on regulating the subprime mortgage industry (Nov 2007). He is rated 14% by UFCW, indicating a pro-management voting record. Pence opposed a successful effort in 2007 to raise the federal minimum wage to $7.25 an hour from $5.15. He voted NO on raising CAFE standards; incentives for alternative fuels (Aug 2001). He is rated 0% by HSLF, indicating an anti-animal welfare voting record (Jan 2012). Another republican gun crazy, he voted YES on prohibiting product misuse lawsuits on gun manufacturers (Oct 2005). Voted YES on prohibiting suing gunmakers & sellers for gun misuse. (Apr 2003). Pence is rated A by
the NRA, indicating a pro-gun rights voting record. He is rated 11% by APHA, indicating a anti-public health voting record (Dec 2003). And of course he is another man-made climate change fool who has said “Global warming is a myth.” Pence declared in a Kyoto-era op-ed on his website, I think the quiet expansion of the liberal environmentalist agenda by Al Gore and Clinton White House that will cost thousands of jobs could be more important. Say no to the global warming treaty.” Right around the time Pence declared global warming (see Drunken Times, Black Burning Gloom) a myth, he insisted smoking (see Black Burning Gloom) wasn’t harmful, according to this quote ThinkProgress dug up from his 2000 campaign website: “Time for a quick reality check. Despite the hysteria from the political class and the media, smoking doesn’t kill. In fact, 2 out of every three smokers does not die from a smoking related illness and 9 out of ten smokers do not contract lung cancer.” He is very adamant spokesman about limited government spending. An example is how he opposed a blank-check for Katrina victims. A top Republican leader, he was a symbolic fighter of President Obama’s healthcare reform and is now a top congressional supporter of the Tea Party snakes (see Crooked Leanings). Pence also once financially whored to his retarded gun-toting base (see American Guns) by saying without any shame after the tragic 2011 Tucson Massacre that "House Republicans will vote to repeal the healthcare law "lock, stock and barrel". Another sell-out to to gun industry.
English:  Pence – pl. of penny  1: a plural of penny; used in referring to a sum of money
                          rather  than to the coins themselves (often used in combination)

Scots:  Pence - money; a fortune
           Pencefu - proud
           Pence-pig - a eartheware money box
(see Corporate Pigs & Other Swine)

Pence/Penny in the Bible : (Gr. denarion), a silver coin of the value of about 7 1/2d. or 8d. of our present money. It is thus rendered in the New Testament, and is more frequently mentioned than any other coin (Matt. 18:28; 20:2, 9, 13; Mark 6:37; 14:5, etc.). It was the daily pay of a Roman soldier in the time of Christ. In the reign of Edward III. an English penny was a labourer's day's wages. This was the "tribute money" with reference to which our Lord said, "Whose image and superscription is this?" When they answered, "Caesar's," he replied, "Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to God the things that are God's" (Matt. 22:19; Mark 12:15).

   Trump Pence - obvious sign of the time. Americans of all types, no matter what region, background, economic class, gender, sexual orientation (oy), legal or not, ... are all in a constant money angst having to be selling something or part of an organization that sells in order to survive the inordinate and outright unjust costs of living. American lifestyles are out of balance. American beliefs are unsustainable and out of balance, 8-9 out of 10 Americans are out of balance in some way and most are clueless as to knowing why. Humorously, the Trump/Pence campaign took down the first logo "TP" because of the following linguisitic fact:
English Dictionary/English Slang:  TP - n. toilet paper
                                                         v. to adorn with toilet paper, esp. a roll of it

All sad too many jokes aside ..
'Trump Pence means 'trumpet money', 'trumpet a sum of money', trumpet a fortune' ..
The hyping of money is not what the country veritably needs. The future is the de-emphasis of money and reducing money angst given the Trends of the Times (see Introduction). copyright © 2012
All rights reserved.