Those Thick Beta-Cuck Bugman Glasses.
American Media Having a Hard Time Seeing.
Weak People Not Capable of Perceiving the Goods/Details/Wisdom.
Angry Little Crazy People Who Are Fading/Dying
and Who Need To Go Away.

Vedere - to see
Provedere - to provide

Ver - to see
Averiguar - to find out

Sicht - view, sight
Sichtprüfung - vision test
vorsichtig - carefully
umsicht - judiciousness, prudent
zuversichtlich - for sure
versichtlich - fident, trustworthy
aussichtsreich - (outlook rich) promising
sicher - safe, secure, cerian, proof
Aussichtlosigkeit - (out of sight) hopelessness

Stephen Glass infamous disgraced Wandering Jewish journalist for the New Republic who was fired for numerous inaccuracies , distortions, plagiarism, fabricated material, etc...
Don Lemon gayboy spinner at CNN 10 pm - 12 am
Anderson Cooper gayboy spinner at CNN 8 pm - 10 pm
Chris Hayes/Haze bird looking spinner at MSNBC aka Miss NBC 8 pm - 9 pm
Rachel Maddow Wandeirng Jew lesbo/dyke spinner at MSNBC 9 pm - 10 pm
Lawrence O'Donnell shameless idiotic Fighting Irish spinner at MSNBC 10 pm - 11 pm
Joe Scarborough cuck at MSNBC 6 am - 9 am
Donnie Deutsch Wandering Jewish regular panelist on Morining Joe 6 am 9 am
John Brennan former Director of the CIA who spent 2016-2019 making a fool of himself and the country by fomenting lies about Trump colluding with Russia on various nitwit Jewish run networks. A former head of the CIA!!!! Something stinks. Many things stink in dirty Deep State America.
James Clapper former Director of the National Intelligence who spent 2016-2019 making a fool of himself and the country by fomenting lies about Trump colluding with Russia on various nitwit Jewish run networks. A former head of the CIA!!!! Something stinks. Many things stink in dirty Deep State America.
Andrew McCabe former Deputy Director of the FBI 2016-2018 who allowed a lot of crooked shit.
Adam Goldman Wandering Jewish New York Times reporter covering the FBI and celebrated for his coverage for Russia meddling in the 2016 election.
Steve Ratner Wandering Jewish economic analyst/commentator on Morning Joe
David Ignatius associate editor Washington Post and regular guest on Miss NBC Morning Joe
Oliver Darcy CNN bugman who attacked Alex Jones 1st Amendment rights
Ryan Lizza weasel correspondent at Esquire magazine who was a top fomenter of the bullshit that President Trump colluded with Russia
Al Sharpton Miss NBC
Rick Wilson (right) angry eyed career anti-Trump MissNBC spinner/political strategist
John Heilemann MSNBC host 6 pm - 7pm/commentator
David Gurz host of MissNBC weekend show Up
Howard Fineman Wandering Jewish MSNBC political analyst/Huff Post global editorial director
Ali Velshi MSNBC Live 10 am - 12 pm aka Miss NBC
Stephanie Ruhle MSNBC Live cohost with Ali Velshi
Katy Tur Wandering Jew MSNBC anchor/commnetator MSNBC Live
Joy Reid MSNBC host/commentator/annoying bitch
Nicole Denish Wallace MSNBC daytime host Russia phobia ad nauseum idiot
Eugene Robinson MSNBC regular commentator/Washinton Post columnist
Keith Olbermann correspondent/commentator
Richard Wolffe vice-president and executive editor of
Ken Dilanian Miss NBC Trump colluding with Russia hoax liar
Andy Lack Wandering Jew MSNBC President
Jacob Soboroff Wandering Jewish MSNBC/Miss NBC reporter
Titania McGrath infamous fictional feminist idiot
David Corn and Michael Isikoff Wandering Jewish journalists responsible for the the fake news fomenting book Russian Roulette that claims Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.
Seth Abramson Wandering Jewish professor tweeting about Trump colluding with Russis hoax
Adam Davidson Wandering Jewish journalist at The New Yorker who was a top Trump colluded with Russia bullshit narrative
Mazx Boot Wandering Jewish Senior Fellow at the the Council of Foreign Relations who was a top pusher of Trump colluding with Russia nonsense
Jennifer Rubin Wandering Jewish Washington Post who was a top pusher of the lies that Trump colluded with Russia
Laurence Tribe Wandering Jewish professor of law at Harvard University who was a top pusher of conspiracy theories of Trump colluding with Russians to win the 2016 election.
Benjamin Wittes Wandering Jewish fellow at the Brookings Institute who was a top Trump colluded with Russia bullshit pusher
Chris Cilizza CNN digital editor-at-large/commentator
Jerrold Nadler Wandering Jewish chair of the House Judiciary Committee who is a to fomenter and pusher of Trump colluding with Russia hoax
Chuck Schumer Wandering Jew Leader of the Senate Democrats
Chuck Schumer Leader of the Senate Republicans
Tom Perez Democratic Narional Commitee chairman
Msxinne Waters Representative from California who is a top Trump attacker
Ethan Bearman Wandering Jewish radio host out of San Francisco who pushes illegal immigration to weaken non-Jewish European Americans
Dana "Bash" Wandeirng Jewish CNN chief political correspondent/spinner
Gloria Borger Wandering Jewish CNN chief political analyst/vicious spinner
Fake Jake Tapper Wandering Jew spinner at CNN 4 pm - 5 pm
Wolf Blitzer Wandering Jew CNN 'Chief Political Analyst' 5 pm - 7 pm
David Toobin Wandering Jew CNN Chief Legal Analyst
Carl Bernstein Wandering Jew CNN commentatorJeff Zucker corrupt Wandering Jew CNN President
Jeff Zucker corrupt Wandering Jew CNN President who hires flocks of birds becasue he is afraid of proper big strong fast non-Jewish men
Brian Stelter Wandering Jew CNN Chief Media Correspondent 
April Ryan CNN politcal analyst/whitehouse corresponedent
David Chalian Wanderiing Jew CNN Political Director
Barbara Starr Wandering Jew CNN Pentagon reporter Larry King Wandering Jew CNN
Jeff Zeleny gay Wandering Jew CNN White House Correspondent
Daniel Dale Wandering Jewish Washington Bureau Chief for Canada's largest newspaper the Toronto Star
TV cuck for Verizon selling other cucks those idiotic all thumbs and pointer finger phones to play with
...that boyish TD Ameritrade cuck quack psychologist .. so annoying

Ana Violeta Navarro Cardenas very annoying crooked CNN commenator with feminine eye shadow that weighs down her vision spinning for illegal immigration, etc..
 Jim Acosta disgusting CNN chief White House correspondent spinning for illegal immigrants, etc...
Nia Malika Henderson CNN's senior political reporter
Ron Brownstein Wandering Jewish CNN senior political analyst
 Ashley Banfield CNN/HLN host of Legal Viewnow HLN Headline News weekend
Larry King longtime Wandering Jew CNN
Ken Starr piece of shit lawyer persecuting a president over a private consenual sexual matter
Juanita Broderick bitch that accused Bill Clinton sexually harassed her
Jessica Leeds bitch who accused Donsld Trump of touching her on a airplane 3 decades ago ...ah ... no way. CUNT.!
Jessica Drake porn star bitch from "Wicked Pictures" who accused Donald Trump of sex harassment
Lucy Flores 1rst woman/ugly cunt who accused Joe Biden of inappropriate public touching 5 years ago which was obviously motivated by her political beliefs that he should not run.
Amy Lappos 2nd woman/fat ugly cunt who went to the Hartford Courant to accuse Joe Biden of rubbing noses with her 10 years ago with the belief that he should "step aside and allow the more qualified women candidates reperesdent the party".
Caitlyn Caruso 3rd woman/bitch who accused Joe Biden of hugging her at a event where he was speaking about sexual assault.
Michael Wolff Wandering Jewish writer (only reason this weasel would get a gig) of Trump smear book Fire and Fury/regular guest on Jewish agenda media
kChristine Blasey Ford - lying little girl voice bitch/commits perjury/makes false staements yet is walking free = insanity
Debra Katz Wandering Jew piece of shit lawyer for Christine Blasey Ford
Michael Bromwich Wandering Jew piece of shit lawyer for Christine Blasey Ford
Heidi Feldman Wandering Jew who started the GoFundMe campaign for the slimy liar Christine Blasey Ford
Alyssa Milano clueless feminist Hollywood bitch showing up at the disgraceful Supreme Court Justice Bret Kavanaugh Hearing
Julia Louise Dreyfuss Wandering Jew actress who signed a letter of support for lying bitch Christine Blasey Ford
Jonathan Moran slime reporter in Australia responsbile for the slander and defamations against Geoffrey Rush that resulted in a million dollar settlement.
Andi Zesler and Lisa Jervis Wandering Jewish cofounders/editors of Bitch Media/Nitch magazine
S.E. Cupp CNN birdy constant thick glasses wearing commentator
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wandering Jew feminist Chief Justice
Jonathan Caehart MSNBC commentator Jonathan Caehart MSNBC commentator
Laurie Henzel/Debbie Stoller publisher creative director/co-founder editor-n-chief of the feminist rag Bust
Kat Coyle American bitch who came up with the design for the infamous pussy hat seen at the Nasty Woman marches
Barabara Walters Wandering Jew founder of the birdy birdbrain show The View
Joy Behar ABC The View (with thick glasses) Wandering Jew lead cohost
Rosie O'Donnell ABC The View (with thick glasses) lead cohost
Whoopi Goldberg ABC The View (with thick glasses) Wandering Jew lead cohost
Sally Jesse Raphael longtime daytime host
Evelyn Hooker American psychologist responsible for the removal of homosexuality from the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
Robyn Exton  founder of the lesbian  dating app Her
Andy Warhol  gay artist and symbol of gay life before and during the outbreak of AIDS
Allen Ginsburg Wandering Jew pro-drug use and celebration of sodomy poet
Ru Paul the most famous and celebrated drag queen
"Dr." Gary Alter Wandering Jew surgeon and "Dr" Harrison Lee responsible for Bruce Jenner's sex change
Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner celebrated transgender after involved in a fatal accident/Jews celebrting getting weaker
"Pat" the famous Saturday Night Live transgender character from the early 1990s forshadowing the coming darkness
lMara Keisling founder/executive director of the National Cenger for Transgender Equality
Chaz born Chastity Sun Bono one of the first celebrated transsexuals
Jill Soloway Wandering Jew creator of Transparent
Gavin Grimm lead plaintif in the Supreme Court case Gavin Grimm v. Gloucester County School Board about transgender bathroom rights
Jessica Herthel author who told the story of child transsexual Jazz Jennings who ended up getting her own TV show in sick Wandering Jewish America
Sara McBride tranny pushing tranny story hour to kindergartners reading "I Am Jazz"/spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign 
Blake Dremann tranny brought to 2019 State of the Union by Senator from NY Kirsten Gillibrand
Larry Wachowski turned Lana Wandering Jew Hollywood writer
David Wachowski turned Lily Wandering Jew Hollywood writer
Ilona Turner legal director for the Transgender Law Center
Ryan Cassatta double mastectomy tranny activist who soeaks to teenagers
Aydian Dowling the first transman cover model for Men's Health magazine/Youtube tranny speaker
Buck Angel "The Man with a Pussy" who is  the first female to man (FTM) to be featured in an all-male porn film produced by an exclusively gay porn company
Heath Fogg Davis Transgender author
Jillian Weiss Wandering Jewish Executive Director of the Transgender Legal Defense Education Fund
Mauro Cabral intersex and trangender/transsexual activist, who serves as the top Co-Director of Global Action for Trans* Equality
Terra Snover transgender  web comics writer who in July of 2017 she/he/it became the frst transgender candidate for Congress from California. 
Jess Ting transsexual surgeon respnsible for the first fellowship for doctors to learn transsexual surgery 
Jennifer Wexler new Representative who put a transgender flag outside her office
Dana Loesch National Rifle Association (NRA) cyclop bitch spokesperson
Chris Cox chief lobbyist for the National Rifle Association (NRA) /Executive Director for the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action and Chairman of the NRA’s Political Victory Fund, the NRA’s political action committee.
Cam Edwards red head/red bearded National Rifle Association TV/host of Cam & Co. and is the most visible NRA news personality
David Keene National Rifle Association (NRA) president
Charles Payne FOX Business News host and FOX News contributor
Rupert Murdoch Wandering Jew chairman of FOX News
Neil Cavuto FOX News Business
Chris Wallace Wandering Jew anchor Fox News Sunday
Steve Doocy FOX News morning host and climate change denier weather man
Glenn Beck commentatorDonnie Deutsch regular panelist on Morining Joe 6 am 9 am
Todd Starnes FOX News radio
Geraldo Rivera Wanderig Jew FOX News journalist/commentator illegal immigrant shill
Michelle Malkin FOX News contributor
Mark Levin Wandering Jew FOX News commentator
Charles Krauthammer Wandering Jew longtime FOX News commentator
Bill Kristol Wandering Jewish neocon former editor at large for the defunct The Weekly Standard/comentator on all Jewish run networks
Robert Kagan Wandering Jewish neocon (yes look at thois pudgeball he is the types who send your children to die in wars)/columnist for The Washington Post/contributing editor at The New Republic/Clinton cuck
Jonah Goldberg Wandering Jewish neocon senior editor of the National Review
Stephen Hayes necon editor-n-chief of The Weekly Standard
John Podhoretz Wandering Jewish neocon editor of Commentary magazine and a columnist for the The New York Post
Marie Harf FOX News birdy on Outnumbered (show alluding to how these birds think women outnumber men yet perhaps only in bodies and not minds for men are innately superior)
Jessic Tarlov FOX News liberal bird woman commentator on Outnumbered (show alluding to how these birds think women outnumber men yet perhaps only in bodies and not minds for men are innately superior)
Lisa Kennedy FOX News libertarian birdy commentator on Outnumbered (show alluding to how these birds think women outnumber men yet perhaps only in bodies and not minds for men are innately superior)
Harris Faulkner FOX News birdy host on Outnumbered (show alluding to how these birds think women outnumber men yet perhaps only in bodies and not minds for men are innately superior)
Katherine "K at" Timpf FOX News libertarian commentator on Outnumbered (show alluding to how these birds think women outnumber men yet perhaps only in bodies and not minds for men are innately superior)
Greg Gutfeld Wandering Jew FOX News gunboy red eye asshole
Wayne LaPierre leader of the National Rifle Association (NRA )/weak eyed cyclops melting face evil
Rush Limbaugh longtime popular Republican radio host
Hugh Hewitt MSNBC and CNN contributor
lMichelle Goldberg Wandering Jew New York Times columnist/regular MissNBC guest
Claire McCaskill birdy looking former senator turned CNN and MSNBC political analyst
Josh Campbell form James Comey aid turned CNN analyst
Van Jones CNN
Carol Costello CNN morning bird
Nina Turner regular CNN and MSNBC guest
Alisyn Camerota CNN morning host
Michael Steele MissNBC
Symone Sanders regular unhinged CNN guest
Michael Weiss Wandering Jewish senior editor of The Daily Beast/regular CNN guest
Tracy Connor executive editor of the Daily Beast
Ezra Klein Wandering Jew co-founder and editor at large of Vox Media
Matthew Iglesias Wandering Jew co-founder and editor and columnist for Vox Media
Melissa Bell Wandering Jew co-founder and publisher of Vox Media
Leanne Pittsford (center right) founder of Lesbians Who Tech
Joan Walsh national affairs correspondent for The Nation and a political analyst at CNN  and MSNBC. She is also the former editor-in-chief oF Salon and author of the book What's the Matter with White People
Ina Fried born Ian Fried Wandering Jew tranny chief technology correspondent for Axios
Shephard Smith gay FOX News daytime host
Julie Banderas FOX News anchor
Kasie Hunt Miss NBC Capital Hill correspondent
Maria Tersa Kumar MSNBC Latino commentator 
Michael Schmidt Wandering Jew New York Times correspondent p Directed His Attorney Michael Cohen To Lie To Congress About The Moscow Tower Project".   
Lester Holt NBC News nightly news host Lester Holt NBC News nightly news host
Brian Williams MSNBC anchor/host
Colin Campbell managing editor Yahoo News
Katie Couric former Yahoo News global news chief
Hunter Walker Yahoo News White House correspondent
Chris CwikYahoo News idiot who wrote "WNBA teams routinely dominate all-male practice squads."
Jackie Kucinich Washington bureau chief of The Daily Beast/CNN commentator
Mark Bray Antifa antagonist
Balaclava Gulag Kumbi aka Kevin Antifa leader out of Boston who brags about creating false flags, lies, media manipulations, and violence as a means for his causes
Jose Alcoff Antifa leader in Washington D.C.
Luis Enrique Martiz Antifa leader in Portland
CEO of Google
CEO of Microsoft who launched a biased fake news filter
Dick Costolo former CEO of Twitter tweet twits
Omid Kordestani Executive Chairman of the Board of Twitter tweet twits
Scott Weiner gay  Wandering Jew  California state Senator responsible for writing a bill that made California the first state to legally recognize a third gender. 
Jon Weinsteein Wandering Jew face/spokesman of New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) who announced in November of 2017 that the New York public transit system would do away with the "Ladies and Gentleman" announcements for more gender neutral terms. 
Debra Lynn Messing Wandering Jewish feminist birdbrain who tweeted an apology for excluding trans women “who don’t have a vagina” on International Women’s Day after she posted a photo celebrating the occasion with a collection of vagina-shaped cupcakes....etc...
Ashley Judd (a name meaning Jude) crazed Nasty Women's March feminist
Hilary Clinton dangerous feminist 2016 Democratic presidential candidate nominee
Robby Mook Hilary Clinton's gay campaign manage and top Riussia collusion hoax shit pusher
Jennifer Palmieri bird woman former Hilary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign Director of Communications spinning after the 2019 Mueller Report on MissNBC
Joyce Vance lawyer who was a regular spinner for Jewish fomented Trump collusion with Russsia hoax on Jewish MissNBC shows
Jayson Johnson MissNBC cuck guest
David Jolly MissNBC cuck guest
Oprah Winfrey celebrated perpetrator of all those crazed feminist shows
Beth Fouhy MSNBC/NBC Senior Politics Editor
Katherine Spillar Ms magazine executive editor
Andrew Sullivan Daily Beast/regular guest on MsssNBC
Paul Colichman Wandering Jew Regent Entertainment that owns numerous top LGBTQ media like The Advocate, Out,,, etc...
Lucas Grrindley editor of the The Advocate the oldest and largest LGBTQ magazine
Chad Hunter Griffin president of the HJuman Rights Campaign, the largest LGBT rights organization in the United States.
Michael Musto longtime gossip columnist Village Voice
Rick Egusquiza journalist for L.A. gay rag In Touch who attempted to bring down a Christian TV show
Bob Iger vulture Wandering Jew CEO of Disney responsible for Jewifiying Disney media and children's media
Jess Cagle gay boy People magazine editor-n -chief
David Jay Pecker Wnaderring Jewish chairman and CEO of American Media responsible for tabloid rags Star, The National Enquirer, Sun, Globe, OK!, National Examiner, ...
Dylan Howard chief content officer at American Media. He oversees tabloid rags US Weekly, OK!, Star, In Touch, The National Enquirer and its Uk edition, Globe, The National Examiner, and
Julian Reichelt editor-n-chief of Bild, the largest European tabloid magazine
Tony Gallagher editor of the longtime top British tabloid The Sun, former deputy editor of tabloid Daily Mail
Robert Feluś editor of Fakt Poland's top German style tabloid
Nancy Dubuc Vice Media CEO
Darren Samuelsohn Wandering Jewish senior White House reporter at Politico
Marc Caputo Senior Writer Politico
Norman Pearlstine Wandering Jewish L.A. Times executive editor
Mike Madden Washington Post and David Swerdlick Washington Post/ Wandering Jewish regular CNN guest
Emilio-Garcia Ruiz Washington Post managing editor
Cameron Barr Washington Post managing editor
Phil Bump Washington Post national political reporter
David Fahrenthold Washington Post and NBC/MSNBC political analyst
Roslind Helderman Wandering Jewish Washington Post politcal enterpriose and investigative journalist who covereed Trump in 2016
Dean Baquet executive editor of the New York Times/Martin Baron Washington Post editor
Jonathan Capehart gay Washington Post opinion writer/MissNBC /CNN guest advocating impeachment of Trump
James Douglas Bennet New York Times Opinion editor
Glenn Thrush New York Times White HJouse correspondent
Susan Zirinsky Wandering Jewish CBS News President and senior executive producer
George Stephanopoulos  ABC News chief anchor and the chief political correspondent
Jonathan Karl ABC News Chief White House Correspondent
Andrew McCabe Deputy Russiaphobe Hoax Director of FBI 2016-2018
Kathy Griffin plastic American bitch of the bitches
Patricia Arquette crackpot Hollywood "thank you Robert Mueller" at awards ceremony ..
Amy Schumer crazed Wandering Jewish princess who was arrested protesting the Judge Kavanaugh nomination
Sarah Silverman Wandering Jew feminist pot smoking bitch who said ""I hope the Jews did kill Christ! I'd do it again! I'd fucking do it again. in a second"  ... and also tweeted on Christmas that "Jesus is gender fluid"
Ryan Nerz the first cannabis/marijuan/pot/dope correspondent of a TV network
Ricardo Baca the first full-time marijuana rights editor for a major American newspaper/the Denver Post
Keith Stroup founder NORML  the largest public advocacy group for the legalization of smoking marijuana
Tommy Chong original celebrated pothead closes the third eye
Seth Rogan Wandering Jew most celebrated Hollywood pothead/stoner getting blind/ciego
Snoop Lion most celebrated Hollywood marijuana symbol getting blind/ciego
Mike Gianakos editor in chief of High Times magazine
Justin Hartfield Wandering Jew founder of Weedmaps,  a website, Youtube channel, store, and apps that helps stoners find marijuana/pot retailers.
Jane West founder of Women Grow/the most widely recognized female personality in cannabis
Richard Lee pot activist/chief proponent of California Prop 19/founder of Oaksterdam pot growing school
Andrew Wheeler EPA chief with coal industry ties
Tom Arnold and his Trump Tapes
Spike Lee sell out director to Wandering Jewish propogandists who drunkenly accepted a Acedemy Award with numerous sips for a controversial film attempting to paint nnationalistnmovements with white nationalism
Alec Baldwyn actor/cuck impersonator of the president without a clue to the Democratic party"s assault on the patriarchy
John Oliver host of HBO politcal comedy show Last Week with John Oliver
Seth Myer wandering Jew relentless Trump basher
Stephen Colbert CBS Late Show
Jay Katsit Wandering Jew lead Stephen Colbert writer
Jim Carrey artist turned Huff Post cuck
Don Cheadle who showed up to SNL with a teashirt advocating for transgender rights and wants a "rsdically feminine leadership".
John Cussack happy Hollywood cuck tweeting away
Michale Moore cuck Democratic documentary filmmaker who was doing good until the final scene of Where to Invade Next
Rob Reiner aka "Meathead" Wandering Jewish knee-jerk Democratic activist who spent years telling his Twitter followers that the report by special counsel Robert Mueller would prove to be the noose that would hang president Trump ... Tweety quote: "Autocracy 101: Continually lie and tell you not to believe what you see with your own eyes. Trump, with the protection of cult GOP, FOX, & AG Barr, is in full gas light mode. We’ve seen Collusion & Obstruction in plain sight. Reality is reality. Truth is truth. Trust Your Eyes."
Barney Frank Wandering Jewish first congressman to come out as being gay and is also the first congress member to marry the same sex.
Kirsten Sinema the first openly bisexual member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and the first openly bisexual person elected to the U.S. Senate who is the only member in the Senate history to take the oath not on the Bible (beware witch looking to break the patriarchy) pictured here making a kidding comment "can we get a spouse".
Kate Brown Oregon governor who signed into law the legalization of marijuana/pot  as well as being the first openly bisexual governor in the U.S. Brown also signed a gay conversion therapy ban into law. 
Emma Grey Huff Post disgusting feminist/senior reporter focused on women's issues
Alanna Vagianos Huff Post Reporter, Women’s Issues
Michaelangelo Signorile Huff Post Queer Voices editor at large
James Obergefell (left) and partner of the Supreme Court case legalizing gay marriage Obergefell v. Hodges
Evan Wolfson Wandering Jew lawyer responsible for gay marriage who founded Freedom to Marry
Scott Weiner gay Wandering Jew California state Senator responsible for writing and co-sponsoring a bill that made California the first state to legally recognize a third gender
Dan Savage LGBTQ gayboy activist and popular within the Jewish run media who invented the term "pegging"
Crazy gender confused fool/it who does not believe in gender.
Lindsey Amer Wandering Jewish creator & activist "specializing in queer all-ages digital media" aka teaching little kids/preschoolers about LGBTQ nonsense who is often featured in Huff Post
Kris Perry of  Perry v. Schwarzenegger and Perry v. Brown and then Hollingsworth v. Perry were a series of United States federal court cases that legalized same-sex marriage in the State of California
Buck Wolf Huff Post Trends editor
Daniel Kibbelsmith childrens author of the 2017 childrens book  2017 called "Santa's Husband" where Santa Claus is a gay.
Carlos Maza slimy reporter for the Wandering Jewish Vox Media agenda who is a Twitter tweeter twit called the Gay Wonk who makes up hideous lies against political opponents.
Lydia Polgreen editor-n-chief of the despicable flighty bird women rag Huff Post
Amanda Terkel Huff Post Washington Bueau Chief
S. V. Date Huff Post Senior White House Correspondent
Jen Bendery Huff Post Senior White House Reporter
Michael Kinsley Wandering Jewish former co-host of CNN Crossfire/founder/creator of Slate magazine
Peter Baker New York Times Chief White House correspondent
David Sanger Wandering Jewish New York Times National Security correspondent/Chief Washington correspondent
Michael Shear New York Times White House correspondent
Paul Krugman Wandering Jewish New York Times columnist writing that Trump colluding with Russia was definite
Charles Blow gayboy New York Times politics, public opinion and social justice Michael Shear New York Times White House correspondent
Carolyn Ryan New York Times assistant managing editor
Gayle E. Pitman Wandering Jewish children's author pushing feminist and LGBTQ nonsense to children
Greg Rucka Wandering Jew comic writer responsioble for making Wonder Woman bisexual
Sara Boboltz Huff Post birdy
Amanda Duberman Huff Post deputy editor Huff Post Personal
Ashley Feinberg Huff Post Senior Reporter
Katy Brooks Huff Post Deputy Editor Culture
Anne Lee Beyer Huff Post guest writer who wrote a despicable a2019 rticle to encourage children to play "patriarchy chicken" entitled "How I Am Teaching My Children To Play Patriarchy Chicken", where young girls seek to hold their ground against what and when this feminist bitch thinks how men often walk over women in public. Quote: "If girls can be trained from birth to uphold the patriarchy ... why can’t they start learning to dismantle it just as early?"
Jenevieve Hatch another despicab;le Huff Post feminist cunt at the Nasty Women marches who reported on 70 year old Robert Kraft's arrest for getting some sex at a massage parlor as a "creep" and the hookers as "vulnerable" yet reported multiple articles before on the rights of sex workers and how Stormy Daniels was arrested because she was a sex worker. This wicked American bitch embodies all the facts and details that WOMEN ARE ETERNALLY LYING INFERIORS-
Alyssa Matromoncao senior advisor and spokesperson for NARAL Pro-Choice America, a organizationt hat engages in advocacy efforts to oppose restrictions on abortion and expand access to abortion.The organization was formerly known as the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, then the National Abortion Rights Action League, and later the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League.
MarcyWheeler top MSNBC guest spinner for Russia phobia and Trumps alleged collusion with Russia  
McKay Coppins former Buzzfeed reporter now at The Atlantic who called President Trump's quest for the White House a "sham" amongst other things and wrote
The Wilderness: Deep Inside the Republican Party's Combative, Contentious, Chaotic Quest to Take Back the White House

Jonah Peretti Wandering Jew CEO of Buzzfeed
Shani Hilton executive editor Buzzfeed News 
Jason Leopold  Buzzfeed weasel responsible for the false Jan. 2019 Buzzfeed article that claims "President Trump Directed His Attorney Michael Cohen To Lie To Congress About The Moscow Tower Project".   
Michael Slackman Wandering Jew New York Times International editor
Arthur Gregg Sulzberger Wandering Jew publisher of New York Times
Jodi Kantor Wandering Jewish feminist American bitch for the New York Times reporting on the workplace and gender
Jessica Bennett Wandering Jewish feminist American bitch who is the gender editor of the New York Times/author of Feminist Fight Club
Kara Swisher Wandering Jewish lesbian who joined the New York Times covering tech
Katie Brenner and Nellie Bowles New York Times birds covering tech and "sexism in tech".
Sarah Jeong New York Times very dangerous simnple minded over-generalizing unscientific birdy/Crypto Jew bitch
Ali Watkins New York Times bird who was a "national security reporter" reassigned after compromising security by carrying on an affair with a senior copngresional staffer with access to the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Susanne Craig New York Times bird woman reporter who anonymously mailed Donald Trump''s 1995 Tax returns during the 2016 presidential election
Michael Barbaro New York Times cuck who attempted to report sex assault allegations against Donald Trump before the election
Maggie Habermann Wandering Jew New York Times SHAMELESS BITCH attacking Catholic teens and who said President Trump was looking for "vengeance" after he was cleared of 2 years of daily accusations of colluding with Russia, etc... BITCH ...
Eileen Hershenov Wandering Jewish Senior Vice President of the ADL seeking to ban and silence proper free speech that questions the Jewish Question.

etc... and this does not include
all those less-than-average media types hiding behind contact lens

“He has blinded their eyes and hardened their heart, lest they see with their eyes, and understand with their heart, and turn, and I would heal them.”   John 12:40

"In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God."   2Corinthians 4:4

  COME ON JEWS ...  


Church and Synagogue were common allegorical figures in the Middle Ages. Draped females, they are ways of representing the transition from the Old Law to the New. Church typically wears a crown, carries a cross, and holds a chalice, representing the Redeemer's blood. Synagogue is always a blindfolded figure, the blindfold representing moral or spiritual blindness or darkness, sin, and ignorance. Often a crown falls from the inclined head of Synagogue and the Tables of the Law fall from her hands.

Visit a Hasidic Jewish neighborhood like Antwerp and see all the glasses wearing people.
It itruly is amazing (along with those circular hats and twisted hair spirals). I is almost as if the glasses are a stereotypical part of their attire.

"Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law."   Psalms 119:18  

Slanderous Westport News' little girl feminist Sophie Cecile Vaughan - a name that translates as "wisdom blind little' or "little blind wisdom'".
lSlanderous SCUMBAG muckraking News 12 Ct. Mark Sudol.

I am told by my friend who wears glasses that he does not attract girls when he wears glasses,
for he notices that the girls view him as being weaker.

sehen - to see
vorsehen - to provide

Lucien Greaves dead-eyed Co-founder of The Satanic Temple along with original Founder Wandering Jew Malcolm Jarry 
David/Danielle Muscato transgender Public Relations Director of American Atheists
David Silverman Wandering Jew President of American Atheists

But HE, full of the Holy Spirit, gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God. And he said, “Behold, I SEE the heavens opened, and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.”  Acts 7:55-56

 (ᾍιδης): Greek name derived from the word aides, meaning "unseen." In mythology, this is the name of the god of the underworld, brother of Zeus  and husband of Persephone. In the Greek bible, Haides is associated with Orcus, the realm of the dead, the infernal regions where disembodied spirits live, a dark and dismal place in the depths of the earth. Only later was Haidesdescribed as the grave, death, and hell. Also spelled  Hades. 

 (Ἔρεβος): Greek name, probably borrowed from Hebrew erebh or Akkadian erebu ("sunset, evening"), hence "darkness." In mythology, this is the name of the offspring of Chaos, brother of  Nyx, and father of Aither. He is the personification of primordial darkness. In later legends Erebos became the name of a place in Haides, the underworld. 

Rachel Held Evans who was the voice of the "Wandering Evagelicals", a group that that challenged conservative Christianity. She died in 2019 at the age of 37.
Nadia Bolz-Weber woman who made a vagina statue for Gloria Steinem made from purity rings - symbols of a patriarchal theology that she believes has harmed women.
"Nasty Women" marches and feminist extremists
Laurie Penny crazy feminisyt responsible for the book Bitch Doctrine
Another lying bitch
Rosemary Donahue feminist shill for Allure magazine
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Europe -
(Ευρώπη): Greek name composed of the elements euro "wide" and opsis "face, a sight, a view," hence "wide-faced."
In mythology, this is the name of the mother of Minos and the name from which the continent of Europe was derived.

English:  Etymology - [from Greek etymología, equiv. to
                               etymológ 'studying the true meanings
                               and values of words,  from étymo 'true'
                               + lógos 'word', 'reason' + -ia]  
                             1: the derivation of a word            
                             2: an account of the history of a
                             particular word or element of a word
                             3: the study of historical linguistic change,                             
                             esp. as manifested in individual words

             Λογος - Logos - carrys many connotations.
The Greek word Λογος - most often translated as ‘word’, but also can
                                       mean ‘thought’, ‘standard’, ‘logic’, 'reason',
                                      ‘principle’,  or ‘proportion’. Logos is recognized in
                                      the English  dictionary as the rational principle that
                                      governs the universe (the etymology of the word
Catholic is  universal) in ancient Greek philosophy.
                                       The King  James Bible begins with
“In the beginning was the word (logos)."

We are the words we experience, know, and believe. Live a life of learning as many words as possible and you will come closer to God. This is a lifelong pursuit, a pursuit that will result in enhanced abilities to learn, enhanced abilities to ascertain reason, and enhanced abilities to know the ways that aid necessary resolutions.

German:  All - the Universe
German expression:  Alles Klar - all is clear

German:  worden - been
               geworden - to become

Get to know Logos - words, reason, order

Elisbieta Podlesna (a name that means "under the woods/beneath the woods") top Polish LGBTQ activist getting arrested for her atte mpt to poison one of the stronger European countries attempts to preserve Christian foundations and values in the face of attacks on the church and patriachy.

4 So, being sent out by the Holy Spirit, they went down to Seleucia, and from there they sailed to Cyprus. 5 When they arrived at Salamis, they proclaimed the word of God in the synagogues of the JEWS. And they had John to assist them. 6 When they had gone through the whole island as far as Paphos, they came upon a certain magician, a JEWISH false prophet named Bar-Jesus. 7 He was with the proconsul, Sergius Paulus, a man of intelligence, who summoned Barnabas and Saul and sought to hear the word of God. 8 But Elymas the magician (for that is the meaning of his name) opposed them, seeking to turn the proconsul away from the faith. 9 But Saul, who was also called Paul, filled with the Holy Spirit, looked intently at him 10 and said, “You son of the devil, you enemy of all righteousness, full of all deceit and villainy, will you not STOP MAKING CROOKED  the straight paths of the Lord? 11 And now, behold, the hand of the Lord is upon you, and YOU WILL BE BLIND AND UNABLE TO SEE THE SUN for a time.” Immediately mist and DARKNESS fell upon him, and he went about seeking people to lead him by the hand. 12 Then the proconsul believed, when he saw what had occurred, for he was astonished at the teaching of the Lord.   Acts 13:1-12